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New Year’s Eve: A Day of Reflection

So Best Friend N just woke me up about maybe 30 minutes ago with her revised party plans for tonite. Part of me wants to go to the party, another part of me wants to go to church wit the … Continue reading

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The Best of ’07

Here’s my list of the best Movies, Music, & Television for the year thats rapidly coming to a close. (Some things on this list I may have discovered in ’07, but were released prior.) Best Music Best Rap Album (NY): … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why I Was in A Funk Last Night

*This is going to be a long post* **Background Info: I’m usually in a good mood about 96% of the time. However, at the drop of a hat, my mood can flip to the opposite end of the spectrum for … Continue reading

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Rant: I Hate MySpace

I’m tired of that damn site…here’s why: Everyone on there is between 70-100 years old. (Their posted age) Some Dumbasses don’t have access to digital cameras so they take pics on their camera phone. and when u go 2 zoom … Continue reading

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Education in the US: No Child Left Behind my ass…

I really should be attempting to recover from Best Friend E’s birthday festivities right now :), but after reading DJ Black Adam’s Blog yesterday; I was inspired to expand on my comment on one of his posts… Question: Why should … Continue reading

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Should I Go Greek?

Well, It’s that time of year again….a lot of ceremonies are going on my school’s campus and I’m seeing the products of those ceremonies. I’m noticing that a lot of the people that I’ve come into contact with during my … Continue reading

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A Possibly Racially Motivated Shooting in Long Island

(John White on his way to court in Riverhead, NY) So here’s a brief synopsis of the case:Aaron White was at a party. A girl walks up to him and tells him that she is uncomfortable with his presence and … Continue reading

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