Rant: I’m gettin Tired of this crap…real talk

So yea… This is the piss off rite here. I woke up this morning rushing as usual, and when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I noticed something. MY EFFIN SHAPE UP IS OFF! What kind of BS is this? I wait in the shop for you to cut my hair for over 2 hours, and then when I get in the chair, you fuck up my shape up AND cut my hair too low? WTF? I could see if I come in every week/other week askin for a different type of cut, but ya boy asks for the same cut EVERY WEEK…1.5 inch cut, long, thin pointy sideburns….Thank god I work in a semi-private office so that way I really wont have to worry about ppl seein my shape up. But what happens when I wanna go to the cafeteria? Its 7:19 am…and I have a damn hoodie on…covering my head…My response for ppl who ask why my hood is on? “My ears are cold”. This is beginning to be a fucked up birthday weekend already…smh. Best believe, my barber will be getting a call in a little bit cuz this is some straight BULLSHIT!
*Back to studying for my Calc 2 Final on Monday…*

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One Response to Rant: I’m gettin Tired of this crap…real talk

  1. tAnYeTTa says:

    LOL at—This is the piss off rite here!

    Tell us how you really feel right now 🙂

    p.s. what product do you use on your hair to keep it laid? my son wears his hair super low only because after about a week, his hair just balls up and that’s after i’ve just brushed it! *sigh*

    LOL at you hunting down your barber! 😉

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