Ya Boy’s adventures @ the Barber Shop.

So here it is….im sittin @ the barber shop on a friday nite (yea yea. I don’t go out as much anymore…I have to be @ work at 7am..so anyways).I got here around maybe a little after 6:30…n guess what. IM STILL WAITING! As im typin this note/blog on my sidekick, its 8:26 pm. That’s right….what’s the deal with diligence nowadays. Now don’t get me wrong, I sure do run on CP (Colored People) Time from time to time, but this is gettin right re-got-damn-diculous. As im checkin out the dude Fresh’s blog, I’ve had to turn Erykah Badu up on my iPod at least
twice now. I really could care less about what the dude sittin next to me is screaming into his phone or whom he’s screamin it to (his boyfriend, or cousin or whomever) *Side Note:I don’t dislike gay ppl or hold any ill will towards them*. The sound of this dudes voice makes me want to go temporarily deaf..he half whines (like keith sweat)/half talks* Anyways, this nigga is sittin in the waitin area like he’s at his Aunt Fannies house just chillin…feet up on the chairs n what not…So my barber just told me that I’m up next after the dude that just walked in about 30 mins ago….now we’ll see how long this’ll take…So here’s my question. If you have to wait for an extended period of time at any particular place, what do you do to pass the time?

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3 Responses to Ya Boy’s adventures @ the Barber Shop.

  1. CreoleInDC says:

    Smooches Newbie! LOL! I’m soooooooooo mad you were blogging at the barber shop. LOL! I learned how to blog sitting on the runway today. Doncha love technology man????? ROFL!

  2. tAnYeTTa says:

    This was a funny story! I need an upgrade. I’m still rolling with my 2000 Nokia. *sigh* 😉

  3. monica h says:

    i usually always have some “materials” in my bag.

    book or magazine, palm for internet access, cell, ipod, and my eyes for people watchin. LOL

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