Hair…the brran1 way

*This is gonna be a kinda long post, so grab a cup of kool-aid (or low calorie orange drink for all you health conscious ppl out there) and chill out
So here’s to all you inquiring minds out there (single moms, young guys that don’t know, hell anybody). You have a son, and besides gettin his hair cut every week or 2, u still don’t know what 2 do to keep his cut lookin fresh? Neva fear, ya boy brran1 is here. Tanyetta asked me what I did 2 keep my haircut fresh and to keep the dreaded beady beads aka naps aka oh-hell-na’s from poppin back up.

Do you take your son to a good barber?

Come on fellas. We all know of that transitional period where we moved to a new town or just wanted to investigate a new barber. So we go out in search of one, here are some good tips to see if you have a good barber on your hands…
1.) Can you see this barber’s work on anyone else that you know?
My barber is one of Best Friend R’s relatives, and he stays wit a fresh cut…that’s how I started goin there.
2.) Is there usually a wait for this particular barber?
Granted, the average Friday evening, or any time on Saturday there may be a lil crowd or whateva but are the ppl waiting there for that barber? That usually speaks about his work as well because ppl won’t come back if u fuck up their shape up (I know I was ranting yesterday, but 99.9% of the time my barber never messes up…so ill just take an L on this one…)
3.) Here’s a biggie for me. Is the barber professional?
You all know an unprofessional barber when you see one…he’s on the phone when he cuts your hair. He’s always stopping to talk 2 sum1 or whateva else that may happen…usually when they are concerned with other things of that nature, they aren’t paying much attention to the one thing that should be top priority at the moment…which is YOUR HAIR! This leads to the next question:
4.) Can the barber actually cut hair?
Now granted, if he actually couldn’t cut hair, then he wouldn’t have his license, but you have some older barbers that just can’t seem to update their styles…sure the big sideburns were in back in ‘76, but I don’t wanna look like I just stepped out of a barber shop that usta be on Flatbush Ave. back in ’76 u got me?

Ok so the barber meets all of the criteria and you took your son or lil brother or whomever down n he got a cut that’s lookin rather sharp. So how do you maintain it? Of course the best person to ask would be the barber because he would be better able to ask any hair care related questions, but here’s what works for me…

1.) There are different types of hair brushes for different things…But us fellas know the right one to get…If your son just wants to rock it regular (no waves, just a plain Caesar) then get u a boar bristle brush, and make sure he brushes it regularly. *Side Note: I actually have that kinda-sorta almost good hair, to the point where I only have to really brush my hair to keep it in place during the day cuz I know, maybe about an hour or two after I brush it, it goes right back to the way it was layin b4 regardless of how much grease, or oil sheen I put in it.* But if your son wants those waves that make you sea sick then check back for a post ima write about getting those waves in a few days or so…Which leads me to my next question
2.) ALWAYS USE SOMETHING IN YOUR HAIR…most of us black folk tend to have somewhat dry hair…so depending on your hair texture, you need to use a corresponding hair care product. I use that Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer in my hair because it doesn’t make my hair feel all gummy and tacky like my good old jar of Blue Magic used to…
3.) At night or whenever you can, cover your hair up. Get a do rag, and after u get out the shower or whateva, use your product and brush it, then cover up your head, and this is for two reasons. For 1, it allows the product to absorb in2 ur hair follicles, and For 2, it keeps the hair laying flat on the scalp. Although in my case, whenever I wear a do rag at nite, by morning it’ll end up in the bed or on the floor, rather than still being on my head…
Once the shape up starts to look dull, then its time to go back and get everything re-lined

If I forgot anything, just let me know…:) I hope I covered all the basics…

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4 Responses to Hair…the brran1 way

  1. tAnYeTTa says:

    My son is 3. I haven’t had the guts to take him to the barbershop ($20 a pop) makes me nervous.

    Especially since he hasn’t required the famous (edging up) so, I cut his hair on my own right now. My other question

    Should I cut his hair in the direction of his hair pattern(going down) or cut it against the hair pattern (starting at the nape) and going back?

    I am going to get a wave cap for him today. Thank you for the tips and answering my questions 🙂

    p.s. Do you think $20 is a bit much for a 3 year old? 😉

  2. brran1 says:

    Most Definitely! Thats how much my hair cuts cost..and at my shop (for kids under 11 or 12) the price is like 10 or 11 dollars….they tryna get ova on u…big time…

  3. Lord Hannibal says:

    $20 for a boy is highway robbery. Is that the going rate? Tanyetta, send your boy to me. I’ll have him looking proper.

    I cut hair, so if I have a boy, the Little One will be tapered and lined up, just like his Daddy.

  4. tanyetta says:

    I just saw this! Thank you so much Brran and LH.

    I am going to work on an updated post so you both can see the progress.


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