25 Random Facts about ya boy Brran1

1. I have a biological sister I’ve never met before..she lives in Cali.

2. In ’06, I was in 2 car accidents.

3. I’ve got the majority of my friends hooked on my mother’s cooking…lol ask them

4. Sarcasm is a trait that runs in my family.

5. When I was born, I was as light as an albino (no lie)

6. The first time I saw Friday…I didn’t get the point of it.

7. I hate Cheesecake…shit’s gross

8. But strangely enough, I love it when my grandmother cooks liver and onions…idk don’t ask me…

9. Niece E and I are more like brother and sister.

10. I’m a great uncle…no really…one of my nephews has a daughter. And yes, he is younger than I am.

11. I’ve been an uncle since I was 5 months old, and a great uncle since I was 19.

12. I have 5 biological siblings..ages 40, 38, 29, 28 & 16.

13. See what boredom compels me 2 do?

14. I have a scar on my wrist from when i fell off a rock when I was 12.

15. Traveling to Philly for cheese steaks is a hobby of mine.

16. My eldest sister is more like my second mother…she technically had a hand in raising me.

17. Even though me and her bicker constantly, I worry about her and her health…idk what I would do if something happened to her…

18. People constantly ask me if my 10 year old nephew is my son. (Yea genius….I was procreating when I was 10…)

19. I’m the youngest of all my cousins (on my mother’s side).

20. I used to wear glasses…in fact, at times I still need them.

21. I need braces. Even tho u probably can’t tell.

22. My middle name is My father’s last name (Damn D.C. rules!)

23. I actually like some country music.

24. I’ve been reading at a college level since I was 12.

25. I’m Lactose Intolerant (Shit makes me mad sick!)

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