Some Random Thoughts

Some questions that I have been asked this past week, or that I have internally asked myself…

Have You Ever:

Worried about your health to the point where you made yourself sick?

Given yourself to a person, only to find that they didn’t give a damn about you regardless of how you felt about them?

Had an image forced upon you, only to truly feel like you are nothing like that?

Been with a group of people on a regular basis that you feel don’t truly know you?

Felt as if you don’t fit in with your surroundings?

Done something so tedious for so long, that you wish you could just forget about it?

Thought about one million things a second?

Felt as if you think entirely too much?

Wonder what things would be like if you weren’t around?

Felt like just running away and never coming back?

Heard something that captured your attention to the point where you blocked everything else out?

Gotten butterflies in your stomach when that certain someone walks into your field of vision?

Realized that that was the only person that had that effect on you?

Tried to play off how you truly feel about them because you know that it would never work?

Played down your personality to keep the peace?

Held your tongue because of your surroundings?

Wondered why sometimes blood is no thicker than water?

Felt as if your hints to elude to things you are trying to tell people never are discovered?

just some questions….as you can see…I’m always thinking about something.

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One Response to Some Random Thoughts

  1. 1/3 of what I used to be says:

    hmm thats funny. I think the same things on this list every now and again. You definitely are not alone

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