Ten Principles To Get Your Life Right by TD Jakes

What’s your opinion on this?

1. LOVE YOURSELF – Make yourself happy, don’t count on someone else to do it for you. Spend time alone with yourself, being introspective, meditating, truly getting to know the person you are.

2. KNOW THAT YOU MATTER – No one else matters but you. Stop comparing yourself to people!!! Spend time on the inner person, the person God wants you to see.

3. LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST – Holding on to past hurts only eats up energy better spent elsewhere. LET IT GO! Once you let go of the past, you can look toward the future, but if you’re steadily looking back, you don’t have time to look forward!

4. OWN YOUR FINANCIAL POWER- Too often we choose clothing, cars, food, and fun over real estate, stocks, annuities and other goods that, in the long run, tend to accrue value. Identify financial habits that are taking you down, see them as the enemy, and wipe them out.

5. HONOR YOUR ‘ME’ TIME – If you are too busy trying to make everyone else happy, you lose time for yourself. You need time to recoup and regroup, or you will end up depleted, dysfunctional, moody, unhappy, and hard to be around. Take some ‘me’ time, without any guilt.

6. PRIORITIZE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS- When the liabilities in any relationship outnumber the assets, that relationship is bankrupt. And all relationships have liabilities. To determine whether you and the other person can possibly work things out, ask yourself whether remaining connected spirituality, emotionally and financially to that person is more fruitful than disconnecting. Just because you need to excise someone from your life is not a strike against you or the other person, only a sign that the two of you are a bad mix.

7. FOCUS ON YOUR PURPOSE – All of us are affected by what other people think, say and do in response to who we are. Yet if pleasing other people becomes the goal, you will spend the rest of your life chasing down your critics. And if satisfying the critics becomes your goal, you’ll never have peace. Finding peace requires zeroing in on your singular, divinely ordained purpose, the task or tasks that God has assigned especially to you. Other people cannot define that. God has a role for you to play that may be quite distinct-no better or worse-from what’s designated for the next person.

8. REVEL IN YOUR SUCCESS – Surround yourself with those who won’t compete with you but will revel in your success and somehow see your ascent as a reflection of their own possibilities. And don’t forget that success is not just cash in the bank or degrees on the wall; it is living out your life’s purpose. It is being ALL you can be.

9. MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR FAMILY – Family drama is different than workplace drama: You can change jobs; you cannot fully detach from the people you are committed to loving. Manage family relationships in a way that gives you the greatest peace, which might demand putting up some boundaries -and examining the role you play in the buildup of that drama.

10. CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE- Jealousy is an outgrowth of not realizing who you are and what you possess. It’s born of fear that someone has a better life than yours, even though the people you envy are not without their own insecurities, pains, and unrequited dreams and hopes. Focus on your accomplishments, not your failures. Count your blessings. Celebrate the life you’ve been given.

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3 Responses to Ten Principles To Get Your Life Right by TD Jakes

  1. miss_eddy says:

    The ten points you listed are powerful. I think the most important one for me is to celebrate your life. That helps to focus on your purpose as well as leave the past in the past and just look at the things that helped to make you a success.

  2. 1/3 of what I used to be says:

    I like this one alot. I need to embody all of these. Thanks for sharing:-)

  3. Akademiks says:

    Mr.TD Jakes i saw your blogs and i enjoy reading it…. thanks for the tips. i will apply it to my self. because sometimes im so depress. that’s so interesting. continue doing it… godbless!!!!


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