The Definition of A True Friend

What is it with people nowadays? It seems to me that the trend is to be phony in one fashion or another. When you first meet a person, they seem cool as hell which would lead yall to become friends. But after while, they seem to do a complete 180 and either stop talking to you or do something that causes you to want to distance yourself from them. What do ppl nowadays consider to be a true friend? someone let me know cuz i’m running out of ideas…

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4 Responses to The Definition of A True Friend

  1. Ebonne says:

    Someone that you can confide in about any and everything and they arent going to judge you… That’s what I feel a true friend is…

    Thanks for stopping by my spot… and love your playlist

  2. N0V@ says:

    A true friend……Well to me a true friend is that one person or persons that will come through for you whenever you need them no questions asked. Who is not afraid to act crayzii with you. Alwayz down for anything no matter how crayzii it is. Someone thatchu will do anything for even die for. But then again I didn’t describe a true friend. That’s your fam my nig. We alwayz gotchur back and we never do you cruddii and we’re there when you call us.

  3. CreoleInDC says:

    A true friend…hmmmm…someone who loves and accepts me unconditionally…ALWAYS. I’m VERY fortunate in the friend department. Blessed actually.

  4. Lord Hannibal says:

    If you have to ask, that person shouldn’t be your friend. We all deserve better.

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