A Possibly Racially Motivated Shooting in Long Island


(John White on his way to court in Riverhead, NY)

So here’s a brief synopsis of the case:Aaron White was at a party. A girl walks up to him and tells him that she is uncomfortable with his presence and she asks him to leave. He complies. Some time later the girl informs a group of boys which included Daniel Cicciaro Jr., that she was receiving inappropriate comments in a chat room from White. Cicciaro and some of his friends head to White’s home…Meanwhile, at the White residence, Aaron wakes his father and explains the situation to him. Aaron’s father instructs his wife to call the police. The teens pull into the driveway and start walking towards the house brandishing aluminum baseball bats. White comes out the house with a gun telling the group of teens to get off his property while they all yell racial epithets at John White. Daniel Cicciaro bucks at the elder White, and the gun discharges. Cicciaro dies an hour later at an area hospital of his gunshot wound. John White is currently on trial for manslaughter, and of course, the prosecution is making an argument that White did not have the right to shoot Cicciaro, and that Cicciaro was not a racist. (Although there have been reports that Cicciaro was overheard shouting racial epithets previous to this altercation.)

Whats your opinion on this?

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7 Responses to A Possibly Racially Motivated Shooting in Long Island

  1. brran1 says:

    Heres my opinion…If a group of people (regardless if they are white, black, half human half bird, whateva) approach my home brandishing baseball bats, then I have the right (per the US Constitution) to bear arms. I personally feel as if John White should not have been charged with anything because 1. He was protecting his family by any means necessary. 2. They were trespassing on his property that he pays a mortgage and taxes on.I’m sorry for the Cicciaro’s loss, but at the same time, When you walk up on someone and/or their property brandishing weapons of any sort, AND yelling racial epithets,you should be able to handle whateva comes at you, be it a shotgun, or an attack dog named Tiny. If you aren’t ready to handle it, then stay the fuck off of peoples property in the middle of the night.

  2. tAnYeTTa says:

    Why did John White come outside in the first place? HE woke his father up to tell the story. They called the police. Have the police take care of it outside!

    Why didn’t they stay inside?

    And just wait to see if those dumb asses break in then John White would have every right to beat that ass to a pulp OR shoot him or whatever it is that a person would do to defend themselves.

    I’m sorry to hear about this story. I know it happens everyday.

    I’m new to the story so, I’m just going by what I’ve read on your blog.

  3. The Breaking Point says:

    Here’s my opinion: He shoulda emptied his clip in the muthaf*cka and stoof over the body in a b-boy stance.

    Unfortunately, I think the law has something else in store for Mr. White. In many states, you have to wait until an intruder crosses the threshold to your propoerty and puts your life in imminent danger before you’re allowed to use deadly force. And in Illinois, you actually have to retreat first.

  4. Shauna says:

    A white man just did the same thing to black boys who broke into his house to rob his step son for some weed adn whipped his ass and than the man shot two of them in the back as they were running away and he didn’t even get charged with it the third guy did because in that state when your friend gets killed in the commission of a crime you are held responsible and the man that shot them didn’t get charged at all

  5. CreoleInDC says:

    This would have not gone down like this in Louisiana. You on a man’s property with a bat…you WILL get shot and the shooter will get a commendation for helping keep riffraff out the neighborhood.

  6. CreoleInDC says:

    Um…yeah…I’m going to caution ANY young man I know who is walking around thinking this mentality, “But we all know there is no justice for us, it is only Just-us.”

    Why? Because that is simply not the truth and I’m not going to allow another generation of young Black men to grow up thinking the world is out to get them and therefore they need to march to their own drums and rules. Um…NO. No need for the angry Black man mantra to continue…look where it’s got us now.

    I take my responsibility as a Black woman/sister VERY seriously.

  7. Dirty Red says:

    I am feeling your blog man.
    I heard about this case, and Mr. White had every right to shoot that ass-hole. Here in Dallas He would have gotten a medal from the mayor. There is a similiar case going down in Houston now. The Field Negro blogged about it. But this white guy shot 2 cats that were robbing his neighbors house. Anyway, only in America. But we all know there is no justice for us, it is only Just-us.

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