O.S.A.G. Day 5: Eating Healthy Sucks

So I’m at work, still half sleep and reading alot of new blogs… I decided to go down to the Cafeteria to grab something to eat while I sit at my desk. As I made my rounds in the back of the kitchen (I usta work in there back in the day, so I breeze thru n speak to every1) I almost get in line to get my usual order of pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon. But then..PAUSE…”oh that’s right…im supposed to be eating healthy…DAMMIT!” So I turn around and head for the cereal, fruit, and yogurt. I’m back in the office and I’m reading and attempting not to gag while eating this All Natural Vanilla Yogurt…*sigh* this crap is nasty. How do people do this on a regular basis? I’m dead ass…but, since I needa drop MAJOR weight (per the doc’s orders) and going to the gym isn’t gonna be financially possible for the next few months, I guess i’ll stick to attempting to eat healthy. But, by the end of the semester, I plan to be in the gym goin hard. Does anybody know of any sites I can check out for ideas for healthy yet TASTEFUL food? *Side Note: This eating healthy thing worked last year. I dropped 30 lbs. just offa eating healthy for 3 months without even setting foot in a gym.*

Random Thought of the Moment: “I needa shape-up BAD!”
Song of the Moment: “Being A Girl” by Van Hunt

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3 Responses to O.S.A.G. Day 5: Eating Healthy Sucks

  1. the breaking point says:

    Eating healthy sucks, yes, but so does lying in a hospital sick from a disease that could have been prevented by doing what you’re doing.

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