I Copped My Jill Scott Tickets!

So yea…ya boy wasn’t gonna pay over a buck so that he and Best Friend N could sit in the nosebleeds (like we did back in ’05 at the Jay-Z concert..smh) at The Lyric or at DAR Constitution Hall…so I found way cheaper tickets…and guess what..The show’s gonna be in Philly! And this show’s gonna have Musiq Soulchild in addition to Jill and my dude Raheem DeVaughn, so you already know they’re gonna kill it!

My Love is…

Random Thought of the Moment: “Thank god my Internet is back up and running.”
The Song of the Moment: “Let It Be” by Jill Scott

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3 Responses to I Copped My Jill Scott Tickets!

  1. Organized Noise says:

    That sounds like a hell of a show. I’ve already seen Jill Scott three times, and I can’t even remember how many times I’ve seen Raheem DeVaughn, but to see them together would make one hell of a show. Enjoy and don’t forget to give details after you go.

  2. Monica H says:

    Yea, my dad purchased our tickets for her show in Atlanta in Feb. I’m sooo hyped. I told him not to be cheap and get the “good seats” LOL

    Every year we try and do at least one activity together.

  3. *Coop* says:

    I saw her in Manchester, England a few months ago. Absolutely amazing!!

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