O.S.A.G. Day 12: Oh come on! It’s Honey Nut Cheerios…

O.S.A.G. (Operation Shrink-A-Gut) is progressing to say the least. Last nite I went out to Famous Daves with the 2nd Fam to celebrate Homie Fam A’s birthday. It was fun, we showed up around 10 pm and in little time we had the restaurant all to ourselves. It was fun, chillin reminiscin about Good Times, Gimme A Break! and Martin (hence the ‘Funny Isht’ post last nite lol) We ordered the All American BBQ Feast and I can definitely say it was good. They ended up taking some food home at the end. I can definitely say it was a Good Time had by all, even tho Homie Fam A & Homie Fam C were talkin about the most random things at the table..lol. Famous Dave’s is definitely a place I can only go once every few months (Haven’t been since October ’07) because that food is definitely addictive! But now its back to O.S.A.G. and eating healthy. I got to work this morning and headed for the cafe. I ran into Ms G. and I let her know that I wasn’t gonna be gettin my usual order and it was off to the cereal-yogurt bar for me. She said “Well, if you really wanna get healthy, you’ll try that so-and-so cereal over there. And boy that whole milk? You’d betta go with fat free or 2%… So then after that, I went in the back to check Homie S and I was like “yea son, I’m stickin with the Honey Nut Cheerios today it only has 17 grams of fat..” and she was like “17 grams of fat is alot…” Come on! Did you have to ruin Honey Nut Cheerios for me? * sticks spoon in bowl, puts spoon (which has honey nut cheerios on it) in mouth…and starts eating.* 🙂

Random Thoughts of the Moment: “Well at least the yogurt doesn’t taste all that bad this week…” & “No More YouTube Posts! Well. Not for awhile anyways.”
The Song of the Moment: “Everything Is Everything” by Lauryn Hill

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2 Responses to O.S.A.G. Day 12: Oh come on! It’s Honey Nut Cheerios…

  1. LH says:

    Be strong man. You would be amazed (and encouraged) by how quickly the pounds begin coming off as long as you eat portions in moderation … even Famous Dave’s. LOL

  2. Mel says:

    Good luck w/ OSAG.

    I am enjoying what I’m reading.
    *adds link to favorites* 🙂

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