You know you go to an HBCU when…

You see the ladies walking around decked out in full makeup and with stilettos on…@ 8 AM.

You go to the football games…not for the game, but to socialize.

Dudes pass out the same fliers for the latest party and you end up refusing at least 4 copies.

Once it gets warm outside it becomes a National Negro Holiday causing almost no one to attend class.

Once it starts snowing heavily and they don’t cancel school, it becomes a National Negro Holiday causing almost no one to attend class.

You see fools coming to class in pajamas… @ 2 in the afternoon.

You see more people posted up in the lounges and outside, than actually in class.

You know what a sock on the door means…

You decide to start working on your 25 Page African History paper…The Night Before It’s Due…smh

Its Finals Week and the majority of people are popping No-Doz and Drinking Red Bull because they waited til the last minute to study.

The random block shows are the best thing to witness.

You argue with your people over which Frat stepped the best at the Homecoming Pep Rally.

You wait til damn near midnight to go see [insert frat’s name here]’s Probate.

Highlighter Water becomes a necessity for any dorm/apt. party.

You have your boy/girl that turned 21 way before everyone else go cop liquor for everyone.

Drunk Twister…nuff said.

You know what dorm building not to walk past after a certain time of day, because you’ll catch contact.

You wonder how the dude that neva showed up for class managed to get an A when almost everyone else failed.

You recognize the sexiest chick at the party and realize that she’s the girl in your English Class that never says a word.

Getting fresh for all the events of Homecoming Week is an event of its own.

You get mad at all the African students because they always cheat, never get caught and they fuck up the grading curve for everyone else.

You go to Howard’s Homecoming, even though your school’s was the previous weekend.

You skip one class to finish work for the class immediately afterwards.

You spend 20 dollars on Ramen Noodles, which ends up lasting you for the entire semester, or until your roommates weed binge begins.

Your school will drop your schedule for being late with the $38.75 you owe them, but it takes them 4 months to come up with your refund check…from LAST semester…smh

Cheap Liquor and PlayStation/Xbox are ways to combat boredom on any nite.

You schedule naps in during the week between classes.

You know how to effectively use a twin bed… 🙂

You know the female/male ratio is whack because a good portion of them are (as LH described it) LUG’s or Lesbians Until Graduation…What Up LH!

You know to STEER CLEAR of the campus dining hall post freshman year.

You move into the University Sponsored “Off-Campus” Apartment Complex and realize its just like the dorms, only with monthly rental payments.

Main Campus is deserted after a certain time of day.

The Bookstore sells Zane and Eric Jerome Dickey books down the aisle from the English Lit Books.

You wait in line to sell 3 textbooks back which cost you at least $280.00 and you end up getting $72.13 back…

*There maybe be problems, but I wouldn’t trade my HBCU experience for the world…*

If you have anymore, post them in the comments…

Random Thought of the Moment: “hmm, I wonder if they have those Nike Dunks in my size…”

The Song of the Moment: “On the Smooth Tip” by Sweet Tee.

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5 Responses to You know you go to an HBCU when…

  1. The Breaking Point says:

    Waddup bruh.

    Man … this took me way back. Chicks (and dudes) were running up in class LACED!!! Those were the days.

  2. 1/3 of what I used to be says:

    LOL u must go to Morgan 🙂

  3. Tiffany In Houston says:

    Hey baby boy!!!

    I loved this list!!!!

    You forgot you must go to an HBCU if you straight up be cooking in your dorm room and all your dished come from the cafeteria…LOL!!!!

  4. brran1 says:

    I forgot about that thanks TIH

  5. jerome says:

    woahh African students are the smartest out there! dont be mad that someone knows how to study instead of shakin their asses at a probate!

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