They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery…


I think the person who said that was the one that was imitating the hell out of something or someone.

I have a close friend that I’ve known since we were 11. I call dude my “Little Big Brutha” cuz he’s older than I am (by a few months), but I’m way bigger than he is. Dude is a really good friend, but he is the type of person that acts on impulse more than anything. For example, he’ll make plans at the last minute without informing anyone. Or, he’ll change plans at the last minute without informing anyone, so everyone ends up walking around looking as if they are lost in the sauce. Also, theres also the fact that dude has the tendency to talk at inopportune times.

So after all this, you may think, why the hell would you want to keep company like that? Well, dude is a good friend. When it comes to loyalty, he’s standing there right beside you whenever you need him regardless of if you are right or wrong. He also is always around if anyone needs to talk about anything. But there are some minute things that I have noticed happening recently. It’s as if dude pops up with the same ideas and/or things that I have not soon after I have them. For example, I came across a new website that has some pretty sick MySpace layouts. So I went on, and copped one, and a few days later, dude had one on his page. Not the same exact one, but still from that site…but that’s no biggie.

The next thing was, I went out and copped the SideKick 3. About a month later, dude went out and copped the same phone, but see here’s the thing. Seeing as how the SK3 is a popular phone, I didn’t think anything of it. But when dude ended up having the same screensavers and some of the same ringtones as I, that really made me start to think: “Is this a conincidence, or is dude really tryna bite my e-style?” Thank God we don’t have the same taste in clothes, cuz then I might have to say something to him about it. Mind you, I’m no Kanye West, Common or Lupe Fiasco when it comes to style (mainly because of my budget lol) but I’d like to think that I hold my own when it comes to wearing what I feel is a good look on me, regardless of who else likes what I have on.

Now that I think about it, maybe I’m starting to sound petty, but then again there’s evidence that claims otherwise.

Random Thought of the Moment: “*sigh* My sister needs to get her shit together.”
The Song of the Moment: “Again” by Lenny Kravitz

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