O.S.A.G. Day 19: [Insert Catchy Title Here]

What up Blogland? I’m back in the building after a 4 Day post hiatus with my weekly entry on the status of my O.S.A.G. Well to be completely honest, I really haven’t been doing to much of anything this week. We’re out of school until next Wednesday, so I’m basically home all week relaxing. On Wednesday evening, as I was in the midst of tutoring, washing dishes and setting up to cook dinner for the whole fam, one of my coworkers called me and asked me if I could come in to work for her on Thursday & Friday. I agreed, seeing as how all I would have been doing at home was blog surfing and watching TV.

I actually ended up cutting up in the office and working so much that I really didn’t eat much. On Thurs., I went to the cafeteria for dinner and copped a salad and some veggie lasagna with carrots on the side. Dinner from the cafe was pretty good for once. Last Nite, Best Friend A and I went over to Homie M’s house to have an old school karaoke night. I called Best Friend A up at 8:30 after I got off only to find out that he was sleep himself. I got to his house around 8:50 and we went straight to Homie M’s. When we got there, Best Friend N let us in and we chilled in the kitchen watching Jackass 2:The Movie and Bamboozled. *Side Note: I haven’t seen Bamboozled yet, so I purposely distracted myself because I hate catching movies after they’ve started. I’ll be the dude asking questions like “How did that happen?” “Why did that happen?” “Who the hell is that?”*

Those fools on Jackass are stupid as hell, but it sure was funny to watch. We started grubbing on some bread pudding and rice pudding which was extra sweet. After that, and the failed attempt at havin the karaoke night b/c every1 was tired, I dropped Best Friend A off at home,went home and crashed so I could wake up at 6 to make it to work on time.

For whatever reason, I was sluggish as hell this morning which ended up causing me to get to work at 7:15 or so. I brought my breakfast and lunch today (which consisted of Rice Chex for breakfast and Ramen Noodles for lunch) because my money is a little funny. Truthfully, I ate lunch (with a few chicken tenders added) and now I feel pretty good. Usually with me, I try to eat light, but I end up getting hungry within an hour of my eating my main meal. Maybe I feel ok b/c i’ve been drinking water all day. Who knows….

Random Thought of the Moment: “Come on payday!”
The Songs of the Moment: “Be Ok” & “Best of Me” by Chrisette Michele

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