Should I be bored this fast?

I really don’t know what the deal is. Maybe it’s first week jitters or something. Besides one of my classes, I was bored for the majority of the day in school on Wednesday. Thank god for my iPod because I would have been staring off into space for the majority of the day. But anyways, onto my question: How did you/do you stay focused in college?

Random Thought of the Moment: “I really need to run past Target today.”

The Song of the Moment: “Sex & Money” by Paul Oakenfold featuring Pharrell Williams

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5 Responses to Should I be bored this fast?

  1. pserendipity says:

    Hmmm, college. That land long, long, ago and far, far, away. Staying focused was easy for me cause I was NOT trying to lose my scholarship and have my mama and daddy all up on me. Other than that, I think I had so many extra curricular things to do that I was trying to dispense with all work with a quickness so I could get my step show or party or dood or other mischief on.

    Thanks for the random thought, I shole need to do that same thing. No, literally, I need to run PAST the Target, but alas I’ll stop in. 🙂

  2. Girlfriend says:

    I was kinda “dropped off” at college! My parents basically said, “Holla, we out! Hope it works out for you.” Sooooo, I had to swim or…well, swim, didn’t have a choice. So, THAT kept me focused, or something like that. Now, some professors are mess, some classes are mess and you will not be able to stay “focused” on them, but you need to stay focused on the larger goal (graduating), while relaxing and enjoying the college experience.

    I am a Targetketeer! It’s just too cold tonight for Target…paper towel can wait ’til tomorrow.

  3. a.tiara says:

    LMAO I thought it was just me. I was so bored when classes started on wednesday. It doesnt help that my teachers are random in their teaching styles so it made it way to easy to drift off to dreamland lol Um to stay focused I just look at my paper and write dwon everything the teacher says. I might not remember what was said in class but at least u look back at ur notes or get a tape recoreder.

  4. CreoleInDC says:

    Imma need you to get UN-BORED real quick Baby Brother. I am NOT having that. Do NOT make me drive up the road.


  5. brran1 says:

    *Getting Back in Focus in fear of Monnie & SIP driving up I-95 with taser in hand*

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