The Genius of the Month: Kwame Kilpatrick


At this point, im pretty sure that everyone has talked about Kilpatrick and his situation so I’m going to skip an explanation of the situation.

Mayor Kilpatrick. Did you honestly think that 14,000 text messages to a fellow city employee on city issued mobile phones wouldn’t be looked at as suspicious?

Was being overly extravagant neccesary when Detroit has some of the highest unemployment and illiteracy rates in the country? Granted, I understand that you shouldn’t have to work or be held accountable 24/7, but c’mon….we both know that Escalade was a bit much…

Did you not realize, that being a black man in a high powered job (where there are not many of us) means that everything you do will be scrutinized and looked over with a fine toothed comb?

Did you honestly think that people were gonna stay quiet about your affair trysts with her?

Looking back on the entire situation, was it all worth losing your law degree and possibly losing your job because it was discovered that you lied under oath?

It just goes to show you….Some dudes will do anything for some ass…smh

January 2008’s Genius of the Month is:

The Honorable Kwame Kilpatrick,

Mayor of The City of Detroit, Michigan

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One Response to The Genius of the Month: Kwame Kilpatrick

  1. LH says:

    ‘Coonish,’ as you know, is a racially charged term. That in itself doesn’t make it off limits in my opinion, but speaks to the care that should be taken when using it to describe one’s behaviour.

    Having an affair is unseemly on it’s face, and lying about it is dishonest, but is infidelity and dishonesty really coonish? I don’t think anyone would describe Bill Clinton’s well-publicised indiscretions and his infamous denial as coonish. Given that both men are guilty of infidelity and dishonesty, ‘coonish’ is more an epithet than a criticism of Kilpatrick’s behaviour.

    Just food for thought.

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