Maybe It Is About Race & Gender After All…

Obama & Clinton

Yesterday, I got an email from Dukes (which I will share in a future post) while she and I were discussing politics in the Engineering Building’s Computer Lab (while she looked over my shoulder as I was preparing something to post  for ‘The Black Lounge’). When people vote this week in The Potomac Primary and in The General Election this fall, regardless of what most people say, Obama and Clinton will get votes simply on the basis of race and/or gender.

Dukes made the point that for most people, they will make their decision for president solely on gender and or race. I am one person that constantly says that race and gender shouldn’t be an issue and the facts should be prevalent over all. Dukes mentioned that “…the facts matter and I agree with you, but some people may just vote based on race or gender and nothing else”.

In addition to making that point, she also opened me up to the perspective of a black woman that is voting in this upcoming election. Dukes mentioned that as a black woman, she is at odds on who she will pick because there is a woman running and there is a black person running.

Dukes then went to point out that she definitely does have things in common with both candidates. She felt that Obama will be able to relate to her because he is a black person. She felt that ultimately, Obama would take the interests of all minorities to heart faster than A non minority candidate could. But on the other hand, she is also a woman and she feels that Clinton would be better suited to relate to her and other women because she is a woman.

As we talked for the remainder hour, we also brushed over the following points:

It is possible that if elected, attempts would be made to assassinate Obama and/or Clinton while in office.

Instead of having to choose between Obama & Clinton, people may either forgo voting or end up switching parties.

Some republicans may end up switching to the democratic side to vote for either Obama or Clinton.

 What Do You Think?

Random Thought of the Moment: “Time to start preparing for my speech on friday…”

The Song of the Moment: “I Won’t Tell” by Fat Joe featuring J. Holiday

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