One of The Most Disturbing Dreams Ever

Last night  (I couldn’t even get an answer…lol) I ended up in bed around 12:45-12:50 am which is actually rather early for me considering I have to be at work at 7. I went to sleep alot faster than usual and the dream commenced.

It was one evening (don’t know what day of the week it was) and I was home with Ma Dukes, Nephew D and Neice J. I was on the computer browsing some random site, Ma Dukes was cooking (so that means it was most likely a sunday), Nephew D was playing with his action figures, and Neice J was watching TV. A few seconds later there’s a pretty loud bang on the front door. After I open it, some guys are standing on the porch asking for my sister. I tell them she’s not here and they show their guns.

My mother says let them in and they start searching the house. A guy named Herc walks in with two pair of scissors in his hands and tells me and my mother that my sister ows him money and he has come to collect it. We tell him that she hasn’t been here in awhile and to check down at her friend Leon’s house. They apologize for barging in, and then they leave. I go in the kitchen and grab a fork and raid the pot of noodles thats on the stove. I run upstairs really quick to chew in private.

As I go to my mom’s room and I look out the front window, I see the guys still standing outside but this time, loading a missle into a missle launcher. I back up and try to talk but my mouth is full of noodles. As I spit the noodles out onto the floor, I run downstairs and yell c’mon (insert nephew D’s full name here). My mother yells whats wrong. I tell her and Neice J that the dudes are still outside and that they were loading a missle launcher. She looks at me, cuts the burners off and we head for the basement. As soon as we get to the bottom of the steps we hear a set of loud rumbles. Nephew D asked what that was and I said an explosion. Don’t talk  just walk. As we get to the door which is in the back of the basement to get to the yard. I unlock all 4 locks on the door, and as soon as I open it, the storm door at the top of the stairs opens and lets light in. I quickly close the door and then I woke up. I looked at the clock and it said 1:40am

Reasons why this dream was weird:

1. I know for a fact that dreams only occur in REM sleep. And I’m pretty certain that you can’t fall into REM sleep within the first hour of being asleep.

2. This is not the first dream i’ve had within the past few months that dealt with death.

3. My great-grandmother (ma dukes’ grandmother) always used to call my mother and ask her if she/everything was ok BEFORE things would happen. Maybe its premonitions or maybe its the gift of foresight.

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