It Was A Sucky Day. But Nonetheless, A Lesson Was Learned.

 I decided to take a break from reading 1969’s archives (What Up Sixty!?!) to post this entry.

I stayed up until 4 am yesterday getting ready for my speech. Everything was good after and almost 20 minutes of proofreading, I emailed it to myself and went to bed. Idk why, but our printer at home has been out of ink for the longest. I decided to email the outline to myself so that I could just print it out on campus during my free hour.

I woke up around 9, ate some yogurt, drank the last of the Simply Orange (that my niece asked me not to drink, hehe) and headed to school. Everything went OK in my first two classes. I headed to the Engineering Building’s Comp Lab but I stopped to chat it up with a couple of my peoples. I walked into the lab at about 1:10pm, and after finding a computer that was working, I sat down and started to attempt to print my outline. But it didn’t work.

Apparently, the computers on campus are still running on either Windows XP or Windows 2000 Business Edition, and seeing as how I used Microsoft Office ’07 to type up my outline at home, I was basically screwed b/c the older versions of Windows couldn’t convert the file to use in Office ’03. At this point, I’m panicking because I realize that in order to get my outline, I’ll have to drive 25 minutes home through midday traffic and then 25 minutes back across town. My professor made it clear to us that if we didn’t have an outline, then we wouldn’t present.

Best believe, ya boy damn near ran to his car and booked it towards West Baltimore fast as hell. I think I may have road rage because at that point, my expression of the moment was “Drive Faster Whore!” to whatever motorist I came across. I was doing more weaving than Beyonce’s Mama on a good day.

I get home at 1:35-1:40 (My class is at 2pm) and I run in the house out of breath, heart beating fast and everything else.  I jump on the comp and resave the file as a Office ’03 doc, and then re-email it to myself (to all 3 of my email addresses lol). I printed a couple of copies but they looked horrible.

I sped back across town and ran back to the EB Comp Lab. Guess what happened then? I got locked out of my account for entering the wrong password too many times! Aint that some shit? Good thing a friend of mines was in there…She let me hop on her comp so I could get into my email. But then guess what happened after that? ALL 3 INBOXES WERE EMPTY! At this point I wanted to give up because I was truly pissed. But then I remembered something. I checked my outbox and there it was…I printed it, and got to class around 2:20pm.

I thought I had everything under control, but as soon as I got up to present, everything unravelled. My work was good (I personally think.) For those of you that don’t personally know me, lemme give you some insight into the workings of brran1. Usually, unless its around people I’m cool with, I stay quiet. I constantly observe my surroundings (not including the occasional sarcastic comment or question I may have about something) and then choose whether or not I want to have some type of input. I go up to present and I notice that I’m shaking…I take a couple deep breaths and start talking…all while shaking like a leaf. I guess I learned that I have stage fright as well.

The presentation is moving along, and right when I start on my third point, the professor stops me and tells me that Its been 5 minutes, and asks me to sit down (At 5 minutes, we lose points on our grade for going over the time limit). The class is dimissed and i’m upset. It sure as hell didn’t seem like five minutes…I debated on going to my next class, and I decided I would. To be completely honest, the entire time I was in my 4th class of the day, my mind was on my project. Some people did stop and tell me that my presentation was good, but I feel as if everything that happened could have been avoided…but oh well, you live and you learn.

Random Thought of the Moment: Dr. Durham said it best: “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…”

The Song of the Moment: “Alright” by Ledisi

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5 Responses to It Was A Sucky Day. But Nonetheless, A Lesson Was Learned.

  1. a.tiara says:

    aww…im sorry you had to go through all that just to find a decent computer. Oh by the way…computers in the business building (McMehen..i think thats how u spell it lol) has converted to MS 07 so you could have avoided all that trouble(sorry dont be mad lol)

    But anyway, I’m sure you did well on your presentation. Even though you think people saw you were nervous, they didnt. Trust me lol

  2. now u know how we professors can be, and try steak and eggs over yogurt LOL

  3. Coop says:

    Well one good point is that the presentation is over. I’m sure it went well. Hakuna Matata shawty!!

  4. Tiffany In Houston says:

    I’m going to need you to invest in a jump drive (so you don’t have to do all that emailing back and forth) as well as save all your work in the latest format, OK????

  5. nineteen69 says:

    What up? I can’t believe you were reading about my boring life 🙂

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