Music Review: Raheem DeVaughn’s ‘Love Behind The Melody’


 I know this CD came out almost 2 months ago, but in addition to my just getting the CD the beginning of this month, I personally felt that I had to listen to this a few times to get a feel for the overall body of work.

Raheem DeVaughn is back in business with his second release which is entitled Love Behind The Melody. On this release, he tackles the same types of scenarios he did on his previous release which was obviously entitled The Love Experience. However, this body of work is far from being ‘The Love Experience 2′. P.G. County’s R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rockstar comes tracks that make you want to think, make love and confess your love for your woman all at the same time.

Here’s a brief track-by-track synopsis:

1. Hello Love: Quick but somewhat conceited intro.

2. Woman: The first single. An ode to every woman that ever existed. A good way to acknowledge the women in your life.

3. Love Drug: The first of the slow/mid-tempo tracks. Definitely a good listen.

4.Energy (Featuring Big Boi from Outkast): A track that’s more Outkast’s style. I wasn’t really feeling this one.

5. Friday (Shut the Club Down): An updated flashback to The Temptation’s “My Girl”. If you just listen to the track then it’s danceable. Outside of the chorus, the majority of the lyrics are monotonous.

6. Customer: A definitely good slow jam. The only song I know that can make you want food and sans ropas at the same time (excluding any mentionable tracks from Jill Scott of course).

7. Mo Better: An even slower slow jam with an old school feel to it. This track is definitely worth listening to.

8. Woman I Desire (Featuring Malik Yusef): Intro for the next track which is entitled “Desire”. Yusef spits an interesting spoken word.

9. Desire: One of my favorite tracks on the album. DeVaughn is expressing his desire for the woman in his life.

10. Midnight: A relatively quick intro for the next track which is entitled “Marathon” . It sounds like something is going on in the background…lol

11. Marathon (featuring Floetry): Song with the same track as Midnight. Floetry brings the heat on this track and gives RD a run for his money.

12. Butterflies: Has more of a rock feel. I personally am not feeling the track itself, but the lyrics are good. They really don’t compliment each other.

13. She’s Not You: Another Slow Jam. DeVaughn is explaining how every new woman he comes across doesn’t compare to his #1.

14. Can We Try Again?: Intro for the next track which is entitled “Again”. Very good intro that has a bit of a John Legend vibe to it.

15. Try Again: “Continues with the same track from the intro. Song asks the obvious question…’Can We Try Again?” This track is definitely a must listen.

16. Empty: One of my favorite tracks on the entire CD. Explains how DeVaughn feels in the absence of the woman in his life.

17. Four Letter Word: Explains the struggle of having to say that four letter word which is the second part of a popular 3 word phrase. This track still has to grow on me.

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2 Responses to Music Review: Raheem DeVaughn’s ‘Love Behind The Melody’

  1. Clu says:

    Awww…good review! My favorite tracks are 14, 15 & 16…without question. I have pretty much neglected the rest of the album.

    Perhaps I just like to hear men beg? lol. who knows

  2. a.tiara says:

    I love Raheem!!! Tracks 9, 11, 14, 15, and 16 are my favorite. Can we try again left me wanting more and I was like dag if he wasnt so strange looking he might actually be able to get it lmao

    Anyway, good post! you getting almost good as me with the reviews lol just kidding lol

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