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I Got a ‘B’ on my Speech!

All that stressing was for nothing! *sigh* i’m relieved. If i wouldn’t have gone over the time limit, I would have had a 96! Now onto the next speech, Webwork, & Readings. Don’t You Just Love College? 🙂 To TIH: … Continue reading

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O.S.A.G. Day 49: 2 Days Late & About $2 Short

I know I’m 2 days late on my weekly O.S.A.G. entry, but on this past Saturday, my mind was still on Friday’s speech. I’ll be back to my usual Saturday postings this upcoming weekend. I think i’m starting to slip. … Continue reading

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A Fist Full of Rice

I didn’t have anything planned to post today, but when I ran across this, I had to…LOL Look at all that star power….Beyonce and Barney? Man this is gonna be the greatest movie of all time…smh lol

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It Was A Sucky Day. But Nonetheless, A Lesson Was Learned.

 I decided to take a break from reading 1969’s archives (What Up Sixty!?!) to post this entry. I stayed up until 4 am yesterday getting ready for my speech. Everything was good after and almost 20 minutes of proofreading, I … Continue reading

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My Cultural Artifact: The Black Lounge

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Heavy Rotation II: The Cruising Edition

I tried to upload the playlist I originally intended for this post earlier today, but unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow embeds from imeem (grrr). Anyways, here we go with Heavy Rotation II: The Cruising Edition. A few nights back after I … Continue reading

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Reasons to Vote for Obama

For those of you that don’t already know, Obama won the states of Maryland and Virginia and the District of Columbia in this past Tuesday’s Potomac Primary. This would most likely be the best time to share this email. I’m … Continue reading

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