O.S.A.G. Day 61: Sickness, Revisions & Some Mo’ Ish

There really isn’t much new to report on the status of my O.S.A.G. I’m still eating my usual breakfast on the weekends.

Last Weekend, Ya Boy got sick. After all this time of eating healthy and what not, I overlooked one minor detail. I’m LACTOSE INTOLERANT! Needless to say, my stomach did more talking than I did that day. My breakfast is going to need some type of revision. I honestly don’t know what else I can eat because I’ve grown quite fond of my Yogurt with Fruit on the bottom. Maybe I could start bringing in Cream of Wheat…nah, I gotta put milk butter & sugar in it… Or Oatmeal…come on dude, you gotta do the same thing with oatmeal…smh. I’ll think of something before next weekend.

 Random Thought of the Moment: “9 Hours til Party Time! Happy 22nd Birthday Best Friend Q!”

The Song of the Moment: “You Can’t” by One Chance featuring Usher

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One Response to O.S.A.G. Day 61: Sickness, Revisions & Some Mo’ Ish

  1. tanyetta says:

    i’m lactose intolerant too!

    have you tried lactaid milk or pills?

    i love love love mac and cheese and i’m with you….my stomach doesn’t. 🙂

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