Random Thoughts from A Tired College Student…

Do I curse too much?

I wonder why they decided to bring back Celebrity Fit Club…HAVE SOME CLASS TOCCARA! lol smh

I really wish I had some Simply Orange with extra pulp right now.

I really need to run past the Student Publications Suite tomorrow to pick up my next set of assignments.

The inside of my nose is itching like crazy…

Damn, Gas is already at $3.23 a gallon for regular.

The BME Pain Olympics are sadistic…I can’t believe I watched that earlier…smh

I should have studied for my midterm today while I was at work…

Hmm. I wonder what Ms. Bed-Stuy is doing right now…

Maybe I should call her…

Na, it’s mad late and besides, what would we talk about at 1:08 in the morning.?
“So um, what are you doing? Sleeping? wow that sounds like fun…”

Why do I keep checking my sidekick as if someone has hit me up? The light’s been flashing green for almost 3 hours straight now…

I really REALLY need a vacation.

Should I post what I was thinking about earlier?

Why the hell is my sister snoring so loud?

I hate Cheesecake.

No really, I hate Cheesecake

Why am I feeling so restless?

Sometimes I find it really hard to find something to blog about. But when I do, I usually end up sitting and writing up to 5 posts at one time then staggering their publication date/time.

Eh, no O.S.A.G. entry this week. Not much has changed with me or what I’ve been eating.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Just look above. I just posted a week’s worth…”

The Song of the Moment: “Do I” by Alice Smith

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts from A Tired College Student…

  1. Eb says:

    you hate cheesecake because you haven’t had any of my grandma’s cheesecake

    and have you seen toccara on the new cover of king magazine… she looks incredible… I think her second go at fit club is exactly what she needed… now if she loses anymore weight her head and boobs will start to look too big for her body… but I digress!

  2. a.tiara says:

    Why do u hate cheesecake like cheesecake!!! lol sike I only like certain kinds.

    I so feel you on needing a vacation. A week away from Baltimore would be great! lol

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