Aw Hell! They Got Me!

So I got home today and guess what’s waiting for me? A letter from the Circuit Court of Baltimore City. I got summoned to Jury Duty… Got Dammit! I gotta find a way to get out of this…

Random Thought of the Moment: “Come on Spring Break!”

The Song of the Moment: “Lettin Go!” by Janelle Monae

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5 Responses to Aw Hell! They Got Me!

  1. Tabu says:

    Awwww, I am sorry to hear that. I got called about a year ago, but wasn’t picked.

  2. a.tiara says:

    ok jealous you can blog from your phone! I need an upgrade I see lol

    Danng homie lol I think if you can get out of it if you are a student or reschedule.

  3. Psonya says:

    Well, I see you are chipper pipper diddley doo anymore, huh? What do you mean? Jury duty is fun!

  4. That sucks! I got called for the first time a few months ago and I sat in a cold-ass “herding room” to get called at 2pm only to be sent home because our jury pool wasn’t “diverse enough.” They wasted my whole day…but I did get a $25 check in the mail two days later…

    I think you can get out of it since you are a student…you might want to look into that!

  5. mk says:

    if you’re a student & u tell them, they usually waive it….at least in NY they do….

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