Chipper Pipper Diddly Doo…

I knew it! Ya boy got a B in Calculus II as my Midterm Grade! Wooo Hoo! But I really could have done without Dr. B callin me out in class like that. Dr. B immigrated here from Poland about a year ago so a lot of the things he says are mad funny. Towards the end of class, he got really loud and was like “I knew you could do it!” He gave me a thumbs up and everything…everyone in the class (including me) busted out with laughter. LOL it truely was funny now that I think about it. I’m still in grind mode though. Gotta keep this grade up!

Random Thoughts of the Moment: “Oh crap. I have WebWork to do…Dammit!” & “That title wasn’t supposed to make any sense…lol”

The Song of the Moment: “Sincerely, Jane.” by Janelle Monae

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