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So recently, I have heard many conversations across many blogs about how people think that BET is beneath them, and how they loathe the network for it’s portrayal of African Americans. So I’ve come up with this scenario. Let’s say, Debra Lee steps down as chairperson (or whatever her title is) and YOU are appointed as the new head of the network. First order of business: Reprogram the entire network. If you were head of B.E.T. what would a day of programming look like?

*You are allowed to keep whatever current shows you want in addition to creating brand new programming.

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4 Responses to B.E.T.: Your Way

  1. brran1 says:

    I know I could have put this in with the actual post, but I didn’t. And yes, I’m gonna be detailed with it.
    12a-1.5a: Midnight Love
    1.5a-5.5a: Paid Programming
    5.5a-7.5a: Religious Programming
    7.5a-9a: B.E.T. National News
    9a-10a: New Talk Show
    10a-10.5a: Syndicated Series
    10.5a-11a: Syndicated Series
    11a-1p: R&B Video Block
    1p-2p: B.E.T. Indie Video Block (Shows the videos of Up & Coming R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul & Jazz Artists)
    2p-4p: Rap Video Block
    3p-5p: Rap City
    5p-7p: 106 & Park
    7p-8p: Teen Summit
    8p-8.5p: New Scripted Comedy Series
    8.5p-9p: New Scripted Comedy Series
    9p-10p: New Scripted Drama Series
    10p-11p: New/Current Reality Programming
    11p-12p: ComicView

    Of course, with there being 7 days a week worth of programming, this opens the network up to have all types of new shows in its lineup. Granted, you can’t please everyone but I feel this would make B.E.T. a more diverse network.

  2. Tanyetta says:

    To be honest, I am not up on the why BET sucks band wagon.

    All I know whatever schedule they decide on……please!!!!! keep Joel Osteen and The Tyler Perry show.

    Oh and the Bobby Jones show can go. That show makes my head hurt. What? I’m not trying to be mean.

  3. Man I have no idea what I would change. I mean, I’d definitely grab some of the former classic sitcoms and show re-runs (read: Different World). I’d show more Black films like Ray and not stuff like 3 Strikes. The big question is BET would have to decide on which demographic they want to appeal to and not have it as vague as black people.

  4. a.tiara says:

    I really dont have to many gripes with BET. But then again I dont watch television too much. Um I would def. bring back Midnight love. I would keep the college hill series but focus more on the college part and consequences. Kids need to know the truth! I know I needed someone to tell me how “college life” really is lol. Like AFF said BET needs to find out what demographic they want to target and stick to it. I think their line ups be random as hell sometimes lol

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