Young, Fresh, & New

I’m at home thoroughly enjoying being a lazy bum. lol. I’ve been in my room listening to music all day and after listening to this song, I felt the need to post the video.

Side Note: Heavy Rotation IV will be posted in a few days.

Kelis “Young, Fresh & New”

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6 Responses to Young, Fresh, & New

  1. nothing wrong with being a bum as long as it aint all the time

  2. Tabu says:

    Enjoy yourself and your time off.

  3. a.tiara says:

    LOL I miss the old kelis! she rocked that hair. I dont know whats up with her now.

    Being a lazy bum is great when you work hard. You deserve a break! I know Im enjoying mine lol

  4. That was my jam…right behind Caught Out There…man, I wish I had a break…enjoy yours a little for me!

  5. J. Dakar says:

    Nothing like being a lazy bum…until you get back to work and think, “I should have been working while I was being a lazy bum.” But I digress.

    I don’t think I have “Young, Fresh & New” but I definitely need to get it. Thanks for the brief trip down memory lane; back to work I go.

  6. a.tiara says:

    cool J.Dakar comments on your blog:-)

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