O.S.A.G. Days 88-89: I Met the Browns at The Olive Garden out in Columbia

Last Night, Best Friends A, N, Q and I went to The Olive Garden to grab a quick bite to eat before we headed out to Arundel Mills to go see Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. We ordered the Salad and Breadsticks (which suprisingly was NOT FREE) and I ordered the Bruschetta. They also ordered Margaritas and I ordered an Iced Tea. As we sat there, we talked and laughed like there was no tomorrow. At the table directly behind us, there was a party of about 30-40 people. They appeared to be younger than us, and (not to offend anyone) they also appeared to be African. After the first round of drinks came, everyone got loose and the jokes started flowing.

For those of you that do not know (assuming that’s about 99.8% of my readers), Best Friend N has a laugh that carries throughout the entire restaurant. I tried not to laugh at their jokes, but at the same time they were mad funny. I kept trying to tell them that they’d better leave the people at the table behind us alone before they ended up chasing us out of the restaurant with spears and darts…(Hey, I tried not to crack jokes but that one just slipped out). Best Friend N said “I’m not worried about A Tribe Called Quest. They betta stay over at they own damn table…” I swear I love my friends…smh LOL

After we left the restaurant, we headed to my favorite movie theater. The Muvico Egyptian 24 at Arundel Mills. We copped tickets for the 11 O’ Clock movie, got in the theater, and guess what? The theater was EMPTY. Including the four of us, there was maybe 20 people in a theater that appears to be able to sit at least 200-300 people.

This movie was funny. Granted, it did seem as if things were happening mad fast and there were a lot of loose ends, but I think the movie was pretty good (Not as good as his previous two movies.) Another thing that I noticed was a good portion of the plot of this movie came from another Tyler Perry play entitled What’s Done In The Dark…

About half way into the movie, I got a phone call from a new friend of mines whose name happens to be Ms. Corona (Yes, she is from Corona, Queens). After all my friends gave me the “uh huh, look at this nigga gettin a booty call” look, I answered the phone and shorty was drunk dialing. The brief convo was basically her telling me that she was drunk and that she was happy that me and her were cool. I told her that I was at the movies and I would call her later. I didn’t. I did text her on her jack with the “So your drunk dialin niggas now?…” message. Best Friend A immediately came with his usual “Yea nigga, she’s on your wheels” statement while Best Friends N & Q gave me that look that females give their brothers when they’re on the phone with a female, and went back to watching the movie. For the record, shorty has a boyfriend (at an out of state school) and I’m playing it cool on all fronts.

Random Thoughts of the Moment: “Don’t ask me why I attract females from NYC/ Long Island. I sure as hell couldn’t tell you why…” & “Where’s the nutritional information for the food they serve at The Olive Garden? You’d think they’d have it on their website, but I guess that’s entirely too much to ask…”

The Song of the Moment: “Everyday People” by Arrested Developement

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One Response to O.S.A.G. Days 88-89: I Met the Browns at The Olive Garden out in Columbia

  1. 1969 says:

    So you were in Columbia? My old stomping grounds. I miss those days.

    And I see you getting drunk booty calls….Uh Huh.

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