I Am Legend.

John Legend

Finally. An artist that gets the attention that he deserves. I’m almost 100% that everyone knows who this is, so I’m not even gonna say his name. I found the videos for my two favorite songs of his, Another Again (Official Video) and Someday. Hopefully, there’s a new album in the works, but then again you never know.

So We Did It Again…Knowing We Should Quit It, But We Simply Won’t Admit It Again

Someday… Things Will Get Better…

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4 Responses to I Am Legend.

  1. Charles says:

    I rock Legend all the time. He’s one of the few good male R&b/soul singers left. I hope he got a new album in the works too and doesn’t pull a Lauryn Hill…

  2. *Coop* says:

    Love this man. LOVE.

  3. a.tiara says:

    John Legend is the truth! I love all his music. The stuff he did with estelle is also pretty good:-)

  4. Eb says:

    yeah I love John Legend. When the first album came out my roommate hid the CD from me because thats all I played for like a month straight non-stop. We almost got in a fight because of it. I dont let nobody play with my music. It was serious. I thought for sure that joint he had with Snoop was going to be a single.

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