Just Look At That.

I usually leave posts about relationships to other people, but due to a great deal of introspection and just being exposed to various types of relationships within the past month or so, I’ve decided to jump onto the bandwagon (so to speak). Granted, I know that I am young and I haven’t experienced much. But is it wrong to say that I want that *pointing at the picture above* ?

I already know why I haven’t been in too many relationships. It’s a pretty short list now that I think about it:

1. I’m picky as hell

2. I get annoyed very easily

3. I require too much alone time.

4. I hate the phone. I’ll text you all day long, but after about 20 mins on the phone, what else do we have to talk about?

5. I’m one jealous mofo.

When I’m out with my friends and I see a couple walk by, I start thinking “damn I want that” or something along those lines. After roughly 22.7 seconds of thinking that, I start to think “but yea, I really could do without the nagging” and “I really could do without all the other negative shit”. Granted, the negative comes with the positive, but I don’t miss it. I also know that I am a tic for tat person. I’ve used reverse psychology on several occasions, and I don’t take to being talked down to. To make a long story short, I’m not one for BS. Keep it real with me and I’ll keep it real with you. Bullshit me, and I’ll one up you and bullshit you while still being real with you.

At this point none of my relationships have made it past the 2 month mark. (Well except one, but I wouldn’t really consider that an actual relationship). I’ve dealt with a female that had an excuse to why she could never chill with me, to a female that tried to change me, and even with a female that I purposely dodged because her ass was three shades of crazy, and all this happened after the relationship was made “exclusive and official” (whatever the hell that means).

Now that I think about it, do I really have time for a relationship right now? Between school, work and just wanting to be left the hell alone, I don’t really think I do. But it never hurts to think about one.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Hmm..time to check out hotels in Vegas…”

The Song of the Moment: “The Light” by Common

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6 Responses to Just Look At That.

  1. a.tiara says:

    I think its ok that you want a meaningful relationship.

    LMAO@ at wanting to be left alone. Most guys do but you have to put in time in a relationship. You know girls loooove quality time.Space is good time to time just not alll the time lol.Just got to make some sacrifices.

  2. Charles says:

    I feel you on all of these except number 5. But yeah I agree with you…sometimes I see people together, and I’m like ‘I want one of those…like one that looks that good, and has to be meaningful too’. But that seems like it just ain’t in the cards for me though.

  3. good look, nice to see men who have no fear to show a woman how the desire them

  4. brran1 says:

    I’m not jealous like I’m stalking you cuz some guy (your brother, cousin rufus or best friend) called you. I’d say i’m jealous b/c I tend to notice when new dudes start to come around.

  5. J. Dakar says:

    With the exception of number five, I would have thought I had written this.

    My longest relationship, though, was two weeks.

  6. not.a.diva says:

    i want ‘that’ too. *sigh* in due time. the right person is out there…at least that’s what i tell myself 🙂

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