Random Ish…

Excuse me for being an asshole. I want to thank everyone that congratulated me on getting my internship. 🙂

I just got home from the dentist’s office. WHY DO MY DAMN TEETH HURT SO MUCH!?!?!?! I went in for a cleaning and it felt like he was digging for buried treasure. But it’s all good though. Good news is I only have one cavity. Same one that was there in ’05. My first cavity ever. I go back in May to get it filled and I’m really really happy about that.

I called GDOT today and accepted the internship position…over voicemail. I’ll call back tomorrow to confirm that they got my message.

Thank god I didn’t have to wait at the barber shop so damn long before getting a hair cut yesterday.

Thank god I got a hair cut yesterday. I was starting to get really tired of looking like Teen Wolf’s half brother.

I’m going to the Katt Williams show tonight!!! Yeaaa Boyyy. I have my adult diapers and kleenex ready.

Hmm. I really should start washing clothes today.

It’s freakin beautiful outside!!!

Word on the Boulevard is some idiot is in talks of reviving ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ *straight face*. That’s really what we need. Another show about rich, white, whiny kids who screw each other and complain about how hard their life is. Here’s an idea; instead of bringing back that stupid ass show, how bout bringing this show back?

The very reason why I and countless others attend HBCU’s today. With there being so many issues college students face nowadays, this show would be a hit. Hell, give the remake to B.E.T. and I’m pretty sure they would regain some cool points with everyone.

Side Note: I’ve always wanted to sit backwards in a chair like Dwayne Wayne, but I guess the fear of falling backwards on my ass always prevented it from happening.

Chris is a fuckin genius. Check out this thread at one of my favorite blogs ‘Stuff Black People Hate’

Random Thought of the Moment: “I wonder why my phone is acting so damn sluggish today?”

The Song of the Moment: “Deliciously Down” by Cree Summer

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5 Responses to Random Ish…

  1. a.tiara says:

    OMGOSH I hate going to the dentist!! Getting your teeth cleaned is the worst!. Im like isnt this supposed to be helping!! LOL

    One cavitity congrats! lol I dont have none but I’m not bragging or nothing lol

    They really do need to bring Different World back! Maybe it will take some bad rep off of us again.

    LOL I used to sit backwards in a chair when I was younger because of him. Got yelled at for doing it too lol tear tear..memories lol

  2. Psonya says:

    Congratulations on your internship. Do it, BRRAN!!!

  3. hey, imagine me, i was hit by a car and had my mouth rebuilt, screws and all, and congrats

  4. Congrats dude your well on your way to buppie land

  5. dennisjansen says:

    Hey hey. Added you to the blogroll.

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