Random Thoughts.

Can someone please tell me, How I’m s’pose to breath with no air? No, seriously it’s hot as hell in my house right now. You know it’s hot when your sitting completely still and you still manage to break a sweat.

Last.fm is the shit.

Anyone ever wonder why Weatherscan (The Weather Channel & Comcast Digital Cable’s Bastard stepchild) always plays that happy go lucky elevator music?

Guess what video came on MTV Jams earlier… Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’. You already know I was up doin the dances just like I was in the video (just like I did when the video first came out)

Now I know where Tanyetta got the saying ‘Hammer Don’t Hurt Em’. lol smh

Guess it’s time to make an appointment to go see the dermatologist. It’s been over 70 degrees here all of three days and I already have a heat rash on my left arm. I told Ma Dukes I should make a doctor’s appt. to get an allergy test but she said go see the dermatologist. She’s the nurse (been one for 30+ years) so I think i’ll take her advice.

Now where did I put that damn hydrocortisone cream?

Old School Motown is the business.

I intend on ordering my shirts from Johnny Cupcakes next week. 🙂

TV One could show reruns of Martin all day, and i’d be sitting in this exact same spot laughing like I’d never seen an episode before a day in my life.

That Ain’t No Damn Puppy!!!

Who woulda thought that updating my MySpace profile would be a 30 minute process?

The same with Facebook. I was a member of about 150 groups, and I downloaded all those apps that I never used. They bit the dust…after about 40 minutes.

I already have an idea for Heavy Rotation VI. Maybe I’ll post it at the beginning of the month.

It’s time to hit up the Barber Shop again. Me + a razor + shaving cream = A visit to the Emergency Room.

I was supposed to go Roller Skating tonight with Best Friend A and Homie J, but I had to turn them down at the last minute because I had homework and laundry to do.

Which reminds me, I need to go check the washer. It should be done by now.

That salad from Tony Roma’s was the business.

I’m talking to Ms. Bed Stuy on the phone right now:)

I bet it’s really nice down on Federal Hill right now.

What should I do tomorrow during my two hour break?

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Ironman when it comes out.

I’m thinking about copping Cloverfield when it comes out on DVD. Did anyone see it? Is it one of those ‘Wait til it comes on HBO’ type of flicks?

My dude Organized Noise is back to blogging! Well, kinda sorta.

Ok..yea. Isn’t it kind of early to be showing porn on HBO?

Does anyone else’s phone send calls straight to V-Mail when you have all of your bars?

I really want to check out Fogo De Chao while I’m in the A. Hopefully they have one down there.

Who woulda thought that Cross St. Market was gonna have that nice display of flowers out earlier today.

When is Maxwell gonna drop a single already? We’ve only been waiting seven years…

It has been seven years right?

Oh snap. Jumanji’s on Encore.

I’m starting to get tired of Hillary Clinton and her antics.

Don’t you hate it when you’re thinking about something, and then by the time you go to transcribe it, the thought completely escapes you?

Anyone hear about the goverment’s attempt to call out Syria about its nuclear activity?

We as American Citizens need to force The Bush Administration to sit down on National TV and spell out all of it’s goals. It seems as if we’re just going from country to country looking for something were never going to find.

It cost me almost 40 dollars to fill up my car the other day.

Chances are, gas will be at $4 for regular by July.

And I think I’m done now.

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5 Responses to Random Thoughts.

  1. *Coop* says:

    Yep, we have Fogo
    http://www.fogodechao.com/locations/atlantaGA.htm and a few other similar restaurants.

    FB is that bull. I hate those apps. Rarely even log on. Just check from my phone.

    I’ve been waiting on Maxwell’s new album since Now was released! Heard he was doing some 3-part release in 3 consecutive years. Who knows?

  2. Tabu says:

    Old School Motown IS the business. have a nice weekend.

  3. a.tiara says:

    aww u get heat rashes:-( Its ok. Hydrocortisone will help alot wit that

    That reminds me I need to update my facebook and myspace…umm i think ill wait to do that over the summer lol

    Why does going to the barber mean hospital visit?

    Awww tell Ms. Bedstuy I said wassup:-)

    Federal Hill is sooo nice at night:-)

    i’m not looking forward to buying gas:-(

  4. brran1 says:

    @ a.tiara: lol…me going to the Barber Shop doesn’t, but me trying to shave myself does. See? Me + a razor + shaving cream = A visit to the Emergency Room.

  5. dennisjansen says:

    Gas is like $3.97 here.

    I listen to the funky channel on rautemusik.fm

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