O.S.A.G. Week 17: Feeling The Crunch.

After last week’s entry, I was on a bit of an emotional high. I got the internship I wanted, the lowest grade I have is A ‘B’ in Calc II, and lastly, I’m starting to see results from this O.S.A.G. thing. Everything’s going well…or at least it should be. Last week an unexpected bill popped up, which resulted in me having to put the majority of my paycheck, in addition to the little bit of money I had stashed in savings up to pay for it. After I paid the bill, I had a choice to make. Do I save the last little bit of money I have for gas, or do I go to the market and try to make due with what I have. Well, OPEC won that battle, and my money. Being on a fixed income sucks but seeing as how it’s temporary I guess I can’t complain too much. There’s no point in complaining about something that you have limited to no control over.

Strangely enough, I still had alot of fruit and other things left over from the last time I went to the market, so I was still doing pretty good til about midweek. Ma Dukes has been home all week recovering from Oral Surgery, so between watching Court TV and playing Diner Dash she actually found time to go to the store. When Neice J and I came home and saw food on top of and in the refrigerator, we both looked at each other and gave each other the ‘Are We In The Right House?’ look. I can honestly say that it was good to see my mother resting instead of working because if anyone is deserving of a vacation, she is. (She’s going on a much deserved cruise in October with one of my aunts and the rest of the ‘Crown Royal on Ice’ crew.)

I will admit though, my friends have been raving about this Chinese Buffet out in Randallstown so we went to check it out…twice. Only had 2 plates of food both times (part of which I didn’t eat because the food was nasty for the most part) and then last night, we hit up the Golden Corral out at Arundel Mills. I had my plate of food, my plate of salad and I was good. No complaints from B. I was more concerned about chilling and laughing than I was with eating (shocking, I know). 

I’ve been saying that I wanted to check out Fogo De Chao for the longest. I just have to sell the idea to my friends. I also read about this steakhouse down in D.C. called Smith & Wollensky that I want to check out. I went onto their website and they had online reservations, which automatically means you’ll be coughing up money you haven’t earned yet to eat there. It’s all good though. I want to go there with my friends as a type of “going away dinner” for myself. But seeing as how those negroes complain about being broker than a mexican selling oranges on the side of the interstate, we may have to settle for either Nino Taco (which we can never get to because they close  relatively early) or FatBurger (yup, there’s one opening in D.C. sometime next month). I’m really starting to get tired of eating at the same spots all the time (except Uno’s). We definitely need to start checking out some new spots. Any ideas?

Random Thought of the Moment: “Oh yea. I do have WebWork. Go Figure…”                                         

The Song of the Moment: “Brass In Pocket” by The Pretenders

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3 Responses to O.S.A.G. Week 17: Feeling The Crunch.

  1. yea, they serve u meat until u quit and good for u

  2. Horus says:

    I’m headed to D.C. in July. I like this little seafood place called The Waterfront. I also like the restaurant in the Mandarin Hotel where I was at, can’t remember the name of it though.

  3. dennisjansen says:

    So stole this. I’m on the bandwagon.

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