Fill In The Blank Friday. Well In My Case, Saturday

I copied this from Organized Noise’s spot. Just something to pass the time seeing as how I’m bored as hell here at work.

1. The song title that best describes my current [or most recent] relationship would be “Another Again” by John Legend because we went through the motions for awhile before we finally called it quits. She and I tried being friends, but that ultimately led us back to where we were before.

2. Three ways that a woman can instantly turn me off are by smoking, unnecessary loudness and not displaying some degree of intelligence.

3. If I had to attach a warning label to my heart it would read ‘Good luck trying to get this bad boy open…”

4. It would be REAL nice to come home from work and find A Billion Dollars.

5. No amount of money in the world could make me have sex with a man, eat shit, or go on ‘The Moment of Truth’.

6. The first things I usually notice about a woman are how she looks, her eyes and how she carries herself.

7. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t procrastinate so much.

8. There’s nothing more sexy than getting to see my woman wearing nothing at all. 🙂

9. If a man/woman wants to be a part of my life he/she has to understand that I have priorities outside of her, have a sense of humor, be able to converse about almost anything.

10. A word to describe how I plan to spend my weekend is ordinary.

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5 Responses to Fill In The Blank Friday. Well In My Case, Saturday

  1. zoso says:

    You work on Saturdays? Sucks for you.

    “…some degree of intelligence” – ha.

  2. brran1 says:

    Yea homie. Every weekend. 12 hour shifts. At least i’m off all week…

    And well yea, I can’t mess with a dense female b/c the convo would go something like this:

    Me: “What do you think about Jeremiah Wright’s comments last week?”

    Her: “Jeremiah Wright? Wait, wasn’t the guy that flew the first plane down in North Carolina?”

    Me: “Sure was. Him and his brother Orville “Reddenbacher” Wright.” (obvious sarcasm)

    Her: “I knew it! I didn’t realize that dead people could make comments on the news though…”

    Me: *screwface after I realize that this chick is dead serious* “Waiter! Check!”

  3. I definitely could use the same warning label for #3

    #5 – I actually would go on the Moment of Truth.

  4. Charles says:

    That number 3 is the truth…I like that one…

  5. a.tiara says:

    Hmm this is good insight

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