I’m Home.

I’m home from the Dentist’s Office, and surprisingly, I’m not in pain. I had a filling put in and now, I’m chillin. The only bad thing is that I can barely feel the right side of my face. IDK even know why I thought I was gonna be in there surrounded by drills and needles lol. It was a quick, in and out procedure, and now I’m home kicked back watching movies for the rest of the day. That is until I head out to Ma Dukes Born Day Shindig tonight after she gets off work.


You’re 58 years young and you don’t look a day over 20. ok 30. Ok I’ll say 40. lol


This BS right here…smh

What kind of foolishness is this? This wouldn’t have happened around here. Lanisha and ‘nem would have jumped her right then and there on the train. I read the comments after I watched the video and there were idiots on there talking all types of nonsense. What’s your opinion on this video?

Random Thought of the Moment: “As much as I keep poking my face, I still can’t feel anything.”

The Song of the Moment: “In The Morning” by Ledisi

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6 Responses to I’m Home.

  1. Qui says:

    First, I’d like to say.. Hi [My First Name]!!

    Second, not only did this video make me mad because of how she was in that elderly woman’s face but the labels that are being placed on us because of this behavior. Now that we are in the stop snitching era, people feel like they don’t need to do anything but keep to themselves. In my eyes it was wrong for all the people to just sit there and not speak up for that woman. I could care less what that woman said to her. There is not a good reason in this world to disrespect an elderly woman like that!! had I been on that train… I’d be ready to knock the dust off that chick!
    Because of her behavior there are so many comments about black people are this, this and this! Someone even went as far as to say “I hope she gets aids, nigger bitch”. It kills me how people can wish the worse on someone because of their skin color! The whole thing just makes me sick!

    That’s all. I need some Marvin Gaye in my life after all this!

  2. brran1 says:

    What Up Best Friend Q,

    What you mentioned would rarely happen. Some people have that ‘It doesn’t concern me, So I’m gonna stay out of it’ mentality. Just like you mentioned though, people will see this and automatically assume that ALL black people act like that idiot. It truly is a damn shame. smh

    It is kind of funny that she was the one yelling ‘Get Out My Face…’ but kept getting closer and closer to the woman.

    She obviously skipped her round of meds for today.

  3. Qui says:

    i agree.. that “whats ya name.. i’m pressin charges” did have me tickled!

    thats why there are so many unsolved murder cases! because people are so one sided. if its not hurting them then why even let it phase them right? thats bullshit!

  4. brran1 says:

    Yup. The whole stop snitching phenomenon has gotten out of hand.

  5. Tabu says:

    First off Happy B-day to Ma Dukes!

    Can you believe I have never had a cavity? Well I haven’t.

  6. a.tiara says:

    YAY to you making out of the dentist painfree..I hope i’m that lucky when I go back lol

    Happy B-day to your moms!!

    WOW did we really post the same vid on the same day? thats crazy LOL

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