O.S.A.G. Week 19: Shock Value

This week, nothing much has changed with what I have been eating. I still haven’t made my way to the market due to lack of funds. Earlier this week, I turned down offers to go back to Cheeburger Cheeburger and CiCi’s Pizza. That was definitely hard as hell. But, knowing that I had eaten out so much last week, I decided that I’d rather rough it at home. Thursday, my mother turned 58 and she had a little born day shindig down at the bar where she moonlights. I really didn’t want to go at first, but seeing as how that’s Ma Dukes, and she’s always there when I need her, why the hell not? I get down there, and to my suprise, a couple of my aunts and uncles are already down there. We chatted it up for a while, while my uncles took me around the bar introducing me to all the people they knew. I was trying to focus on the Hornet’s game, but I was distracted by all those older people in there “dancing” to their old school soul music. LOL, I definitely was fighting back laughter because those old heads thought they were doin’ something! lol.

Yesterday, my big sister graduated from Howard with her Master’s Degree in Social Work. So she,  her side of the fam and I went down to Houlihan’s on Pier 4. *Cough* Is that what a normal sized portion looks like? Don’t get me wrong, the food was good, but my 8 year old nephew was done eating way before I was. I ordered a Caesar Salad, the 8 oz Sirloin and my little Butterfinger desert doohicky. When the Caesar Salad came, it looked like a normal Caesar Salad. Except for the fact that it was small. It was like 7 pieces of lettuces and 4 croutons spritzed with dressing. I saw the dressing on the salad, but when I started eating it, I could barely taste it. The best part of the meal was a two way tie between the Mashed Potatoes and that Butterfinger desert doohickey. 🙂

If all goes according to plan, that’s where well be having my celebratory/going away dinner. Now the only thing is trying to get Friends A & B from that situation I posted about earlier this week together, b/c as I mentioned before, Friend A’s S/O usually is in tow.

As far as tonight goes, Fogo De Chao may be on the docket. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Which one is cheaper? Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target? My research continues…”

The Song of the Moment: “Andromeda & The Milky Way” by Me’Shell Ndegeocello


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2 Responses to O.S.A.G. Week 19: Shock Value

  1. Psonya says:

    Ummm, Fogo De Chao and OSAG? Fa real?

  2. brran1 says:

    Well, we ended up not going to Fogo, Best Friend A called and they said that the price was $44.50 a head. We just went to Uno’s instead. I swear I need to invest in some stock in that joint…

    When I go to buffets, I usually eat 1 plate of regular food and then every other plate is salad. and then for desert, fruit cocktail or whatever other kind of fruit they may have.

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