Ever Heard Of ‘Bowing Out Gracefully’?

You haven’t? Well Senator Clinton, I do believe it is time to do just that. Now that its almost statistically impossible for you to win, I’d say it’s time to cut your losses and just head on over to Harlem with Bill. Don’t get me wrong, I do admire your tenacity. However, with current developments (GO OBAMA!), maybe you should reevaluate this whole wanting to be president thing.

*Side Note*: I was heading home from school one day last week, and as I was stopped at a red light, I noticed something. The truck that was in front of me had a bumper sticker. Doesn’t sound unusual right? Well I didn’t think so either, until I read what the bumper sticker said. “Re-elect Clinton, 2008″. *Screwface* Re-elect? Huh? When was she in office the first go ’round? After a chuckle at Clinton’s obvious attempt at riding her husband’s name, the light turned green and I drove off.

I won’t admit, when I heard the name at the very beginning of all this, you had my vote by association. But as time went on, and as I learned about your tactics, I actually ended up listening to what Obama had to say. He won my vote right then and there.

Also, it doesn’t really help that the superdelegates you once had are now fleeing from you faster than people fleeing the coastline on the approach of a hurricane. You’ve put up a good fight, and you’ve opened the eyes of many Americans who were not aware of how intricate the selecting of a nominee can be. Thank you. You can exit stage right now.

Random Thought of the Moment: “She’s just like that damn alien in the movies with Sigourney Weaver. Give up already!”

The Song of the Moment: “If Only You Knew” by Patti Labelle

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3 Responses to Ever Heard Of ‘Bowing Out Gracefully’?

  1. doing such would mean she is a classy woman – not

  2. zoso says:

    “She’s just like that damn alien in the movies with Sigourney Weaver. Give up already!”

    Ahahaha. Nice. Soulsucker. Nah just kidding. She’s not a soulsucker… she’s just too obsessed with the prospect of power.

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