Off to NY…

After an early morning Oil Change, ya boy is off to BK for the day (hopefully). Knowing our usual M.O., I always say that I’m gonna hit the road in the morning, but due to whatever seems to pop up, we usually don’t end up getting on the road until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I’m bringing the camera along for the trip with the intent of capturing some incriminating photos, so be on the look out for a photo blog within the next few days. Also, I’ll be updating twitter (it’s on my sidebar) quite frequently seeing as how someone will manage to do something stupid and b/c of the fact that I’ll develop an instant migraine as soon as I hit the Jersey Turnpike.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Is gas really $4 a gallon up there? We shall see in a few hours.”

The Song of the Moment: “Hello Brooklyn 2.0” by Jay-Z featuring Lil’ Wayne

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3 Responses to Off to NY…

  1. Tabu says:

    Have a good time! I wish I was still living there.

  2. have fun do they still vcal it crooklyn?

  3. brran1 says:

    @ Tabu: Thanks. I intend on living there before I turn 30.

    @ RDB: Certain people do. But it’s not as common as it was back in the day.

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