brran1 and New Blogs…

How do you go about reading a new blog?

I approach blog reading as I would a new book. When I first started reading blogs back in October/November, I was the type of person that would read and while trying to decipher the lexicon of said writer, I’d end up confused because in the majority of cases, I had no idea what the writer was talking about. After a couple times of doing this, I decided I would have to start from the beginning, which meant my digging through months, sometimes a year or two’s worth of archives. As I read the entries, I slowly started to gather an understanding of the blog and the blogger in addition to their motivations for putting their lives out there for the world to see.

Usually, I’d find a blog through another blog, bookmark it, and then sit and read while I’m at work. About a week ago,  I stumbled onto Yeah…I Said It, which is ListenToLeon’s spot. I browsed the FAQ’s and the Greatest Hits, and it’s definitely easy for me to say that dude is hilarious, and that his blog is definitely something worth reading. Earlier today (since I called out of work sick yesterday), I decided I would head over to Leon’s spot and read the archives from then, all the way up until now. Sounds easy right? I read through Sixty’s and J. Dakar’s archives in a day, and I read through Monnie’s and LH’s archives in two, so this should definitely be an easy task, right? I sure hope so.

Leon’s spot has 106 pages worth of archives. Lemme repeat that…106 Pages which equates to 49 months worth of blog posts. Someone put on a pot of coffee. I’m gonna get this done in 3 days max.

Random Thought of the Moment:”20 Minutes to go…”

The Song of the Moment: “Cloud 9” by Rahsaan Patterson

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5 Responses to brran1 and New Blogs…

  1. charles says:

    I usually just lurk and read the recent posts, but its hard to get an understanding of what their blog is about and exactly who they are…but it becomes clear the more and more you read. I never sat there and delved into someone’s archives tho…thats dedication.

  2. LH says:

    That’s a lot of posts. Four years worth? Wow.

  3. a.tiara says:

    Um yea I def dont read archives lol I think the recent posts should drag you in. Sometimes I read the archives to get back stories but not to get an understanding of the author. wow 49 months??? Happy reading lol

  4. dennisjansen says:

    That’s intense. One of the only blogs that I’ll read through the archives of is Heather Armstrong’s…but that woman is the queen of the internet and a special case.

  5. brran1 says:

    @ Charles: Yea. Its dedication and my needing to to keep occupied at work lol. I think it took me a couple of weekends to go thru your archives. But that was a while back.

    @ LH: I know right. I just started reading tonight. I should be done by tomorrow.

    @ a.tiara: That’s another reason why I read the archives. (The back stories)

    @ Dennis: Thanks for sharing that link Dennis. I’ll check that out when I’m done reading ListenToLeon. 7 Pages down, 99 Left to go.

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