What Are The 15 Greatest Prince Songs of All Time?

One of the most prolific legends of the last 30 Years. This man right here goes by many names: Prince, The Purple One, The Kid… Hell, he even went by a symbol for a certain amount of time. Just call him Prince. This man can do it all, from performing live, to producing new tracks for himself and others, to playing every instrument on his albums. What else is there left to say except that the man is a genius. Whatever mood you’re in, whether it’s time to party or time to get close to that special someone, Prince has music for that occasion. So, without further ado, here’s my list for Prince’s 15 Greatest Songs of All Time (in no particular order of course).

1. Let’s Go Crazy (The version played in Purple Rain)

2. Do Me Baby

3. Adore

4. Darling Nikki

5. Little Red Corvette

6. Raspberry Beret

7. 1999

8. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

9. When Doves Cry

10. Purple Rain

11. The Beautiful Ones

12. Get Off

13. Black Sweat

14. Kiss

15. Call My Name

What’s your list looking like?

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24 Responses to What Are The 15 Greatest Prince Songs of All Time?

  1. simonttx says:

    We speak about it on our blog!

  2. this post is right up my alley..i love this man (purely, in a musical way).

    my list is as follows:
    1.let’s go crazy
    2. nothing compares to u (the live version with rosie gaines)
    3. Chelsea Rodgers (it’s off his last CD, Planet Earth…everytime i hear it, it puts me in a good mood)
    4. diamonds & pearls
    5. call my name
    6. purple rain
    7. when doves cry
    8. adore
    9. little red corvette
    10. pink cashmere
    11. 1999
    12. the most beautiful girl in the world
    13. black sweat
    14. mr. goodnight
    15. raspberry beret

  3. Let’s see this is a hard one, but here are my choices (in random order):
    1. I Wanna Be Your Lover
    2. When Doves Cry
    3. Little Red Corvette
    4. Purple Rain
    5. Sign ‘O’ the Times
    6. Adore
    7. Gett Off
    8. The Beautiful Ones
    9. Future Baby Momma
    10. I Hate U
    11. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
    12. Batdance
    13. Insatiable
    14. Damn U
    15. I Would Die 4 U

  4. Your list is not complete without “Insaitiable”. There’s no way you can tell me that “Do Me Baby” is better than “Insaitiable” especially when it wasn’t even the best version of that song. Me’lissa Morgan did a better version of that song. Then again, it is YOUR list.

  5. luka says:

    this is my list…
    pop life
    sometimes it snows in april
    let’s go crazy
    darling nikki
    take me with u
    raspberry beret
    sign of the time
    love 2the 9’s
    sexy mf,
    jam of the year,
    she loves me 4 me
    the ballad of dorothy parker

  6. Teeski1 says:

    1. Kiss
    2. Sexy MF
    3. Hot Thang
    4. Adore
    5. Another Lonely Christmas
    6. Erotic City
    7. Baby I’m A Star
    8. Controversy
    9. Dirty Mind
    10. Sister
    11. Do Me Baby
    12. Gold
    13. Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife
    14. 17 Days
    15. Forever In My Life

  7. Shamlan says:

    Purple Rain

    When Doves cry



    The Most Beautiful Girl

    Somtimes it snows in april

    When You Were Mine

    Little Red Corvette

    Do Me Baby

    i Could Never Take The Place of Your Man

    I Wanna Be Your Lover

    raspberry beret

    Sign O the Times

    Erotic City

    My Name is Prince

  8. Steven says:

    No particular order…

    Alphabet St.
    Bob George
    Black Sweat
    When Doves Cry
    She Loves Me 4 Me
    How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore
    Mr. Goodnight
    She’s Always In My Hair
    Soft & Wet
    Starfish & Coffee
    Darling Nikki

    There’s loads of others i love so i’d probably mess about with it a bit but off the top of my head it’s this!

  9. Ross Andre says:

    1. Adore. This is a classic work of art in every sense of the world. A legend. An audible masterpiece. The greatest song of all time in my honest opinion. It has everything, including a heavenly chorus making it sincere after playful banter. Just a gem of a song.

    2. Pink Cashmere. In the same vein as Adore, Prince conjures up the most precious material, and sweetest color defining a woman that he can think of, and wants to wrap his love in it. Amazing song.

    3. When Doves Cry. There was nothing like it at the time. The beats, the voice, the feeling it aroused. The screams. Perfect.

    4. Kiss. Simple genious. This was the man in the middle of his artistic prime. There’ll never be another song as creative.

    5. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore. And yes, the man can do blues.

    6. Little Red Corvette. His analogies are splendid. “… and the ride is so sweet, you must be a limousine”. Laughable, but hot as hell!

    7. International Lover. Just listen to it again, and ask yourself… has there ever been a more expressive artist?

    8. Love 2 the 9’s. This is from the Symbol album. You’ve probably never hear it, but he breaks it down. “Could you stay awake for 14 hours listening to the grass grow”. That was a line expressing the comfort of having one another.

    9. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife. Another masterpiece. “Sight for sore eyes.” This is from the Emancipation CD. Investigate this song. Do yourself a favor. If you love ballads, you’ll melt.

    10. The Beautiful Ones. From Purple Rain. We’ve ALL been there before, where “we gotta know… we gotta know”. Prince rips this jam UP!

    11. Let’s Go Crazy

    12. God Created Woman

    13. U got the Look

    14. She’s Always in my Hair

    15. Diamonds and Pearls

    Honorable Mention… Desire, written by Prince, performed by The Family… because Prince had too much music, and wanted to get it out via other sources, and groups he created… such as The Time!

    Limiting this list to 15 songs is INSANE!

  10. Ross Andre says:

    Damn. Now you got me goin.

    I can’t forget PFunk… HOT AS HELL!


    And of course… I apologize… Insatiable is amazing… as is SCANDALOUS, especially the 19 minute Sex Suite version featuring The Crime, The Passion, The Rapture!

    But still… so many many more songs to mention!

    Alexa de Paris, Girl, Vicki Waiting… the list goes on and on.

    Don’t get us hardcore fans going! lol

  11. LKD says:

    My all-time favourite …..

    Purple Rain !!

    We have a litter of puppies at the moment, and their Grand-dad’s Pedigree name is “Purple Rain”, so we’ve named the babies after my favourite “Prince” song-titles ! 🙂

    When Doves Cry;
    Little Red Corvette;
    Raspberry Beret;
    Lets Go Crazy;
    Diamonds & Pearls.

  12. Rod Hytonen says:

    1. When You Were Mine
    2. Little Red Corvette
    3. Kiss

  13. Medina says:

    1. When Doves Cry

    2. Do Me Baby

    3. 17 Days

    4. Something In The Water Does Not Compute

    5. Lady Cab Driver

    6. The Beautiful Ones

    7. Erotic City

    8. Let’s Go Crazy

    9. Condition Of The Heart

    10. Joy In Repition

  14. T-Rolla says:

    I like all of prince song,he is a great artist.

  15. T-Rolla says:

    What about the songs A-U-T-Omatic,Free,International Lover

  16. love says:

    in no particular order:

    1. Purple Rain
    2. Adore
    3. Call My Name
    4. Let’s pretend we’re married
    5. U got the look
    6. Colonized Mind (New song from the Lotus Flow3r cd)
    7. Darling Nikki
    8. Guitar
    9. Planet Earth
    10. 319
    11. Strollin’
    12. 1999 (the cd long version with the funk guitar breakdown)
    13. The beautiful ones
    14. Black Sweat
    15. Sometimes it snows in April

  17. LoveSexy says:

    Here are my TOP 15 Prince songs in no particular order… plus 5 bonuses…
    [it was just too difficult to narrow it down to only 15]

    Gotta Broken Heart Again
    Gotta stop (messin’ about)
    Baby [#1 – Prince iVault]
    Around The World In A Day
    Lemon Crush
    Annie Christian
    Private Joy
    Alexa De Paris
    Glam Slam
    Joy In Repetition [#2 – Prince iVault]
    When Doves Cry
    Hello (Fresh Dance Mix)
    1999 [Album Version]
    Sometimes It Snows In April
    Let’s Go Crazy (Extended Version)
    Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix)
    Gett Off Extended Remix
    Purple Rain [Album Version]
    17 Days (12 Inch)

  18. amy winecask says:

    17 days is my favourite prince song, its also probably my mothers favourite, and shes mad into prince.

  19. Diagnosticluv says:

    1. ADORE-The song was just superb words can’t describe just how much. Only a very talented person could come up with those lyric and sang it like he is talking to every women in the world. I love it…I felt like he was singing to me.
    2. If I was your girlfriend. Just how he reversed it in a mans version. This man mind is just amazing…’
    3.Beautiful one-Self explanatory and then the way he took it home. I first heard him sing that on the movie Purple rain I got hottt….enough said
    4. International Lover-who else but a genuis could pull that off.
    5. Rasberry Beret- Just a good grooving song.
    6-Do me baby- oh yes one of his many love songs.
    7-When dove cry- just different amazing beat and take you to another place.
    8-Darling Nikki- Erotic what he was used too
    9-Purple Rain-Well written with sooo much emotions.
    10- I want to be your lover-Typical Prince
    I guess I will stop here. Who has a track record like this?NOBODY and I could go home. PRINCE is a pure undeniable musical GENUIS

  20. McDuffie says:

    The commercial stuff of course, but after 1999, Purple Rain, Rasberry Beret, and his pop hits my top ipod Prince plays are…

    – she’s always in my hair
    – anotherloverholeinyohead
    – how come you dont call me anymore
    – sometimes it snows in april
    – international lover
    – the ladder
    – morning papers
    – paisley park
    – it
    – girls and boys
    – and I just like looking at Bria Valenti (sp)

  21. SenegalStyle says:

    No one added ‘HEAD’ – seriously? Guess it’s just me!

    So my list is:

    Sexy MF
    Get Off
    International Lover
    Let’s Go Crazy
    Darling Nikki
    Sign O’ the Times (no one said this either!)

    and then what everyone else says:

    When Doves Cry (never can play that only once!)
    Purple Rain
    I Would Die 4U
    Little Red Corvette
    etc etc

  22. SenegalStyle says:

    Oh and “Do Me Baby” (on the top half, not the bottom!)

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