Throwback Thursday

What tracks are these?

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. dennisjansen says:

    Can I just say the Leesha video is so wrong. Those kids are like …4. They don’t know what they are singing about.

    This my throwback of the day:

  2. J. Dakar says:

    Oh, man, that’s a different version of “Living All Alone” by Phyllis Hyman than I’ve heard.

  3. brran1 says:

    @ Jansen: You are soooo wrong about that LOL. But what you mentioned was true. Cassie is this generation’s Vanity. Vanity is definitely more attractive though.

    @ J.: Phyllis Hyman didn’t get 1/8 of the shine she deserved back in the day. “Living All Alone” is my favorite song by her, hands down. How was your trip to ATL?

  4. MrsSaditty says:

    OMG…I LOVED Phyllis Hyman and got a chance to see her live a few times (Damn, I am telling my age)…told ya before and will tell you again, you have excellent taste in tunes!

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