The Internship, Day 2

Downtown Atlanta(The View of Downtown Atlanta from my office building)

I think that this is the highest I’ve ever been in an office building. But anyways, my first day in the office was pretty cool. I met everyone on the floor and was placed in a design group. I spent the day getting acclimated to a program called Microstation (which is nothing more than a high priced Microsoft Paint) which was initially easy at first, but I still need to work with it to get it down.

WIth this being my first time away from home EVER, I thought I’d be all sad and depressed because I can’t see my family or friends, or do things that I would normally do. Seeing as how this is Day 3, I think I’m holding up pretty well. Here’s what I’ve missed so far (as far as things goin on back home):

Neice J got her driver’s license

My nephew went to the bathroom by himself for the first time.

It’s all good though. I’m happy for them, and a little bummed out that I couldn’t be there, but hey, I have more important fish to fry.

I haven’t really been to too many places here in Atlanta b/c i’m still learning my way around and because of the fact that i’m living like a true college student (meaning my ass is broke, and will be until pay day…later on this month).

Staying at Georgia Tech is really cool as well. I have 4 Roomates (We have our own rooms) and they’re all pretty cool guys. I’m still navigating my way around campus, and I can say without a doubt, that Georgia Tech is where I want to go to Grad School. Just being around here over the summer, the school is beautiful, the women are beautiful 🙂 and its way more diverse than any HBCU could ever be. There’s also mad things going on up here during the summer. I know for a fact, that Morgan State would’nt have damn near as much on campus traffic during a SCHOOL DAY let alone the summer.

Ok, lemme stop rambling. Time for me to start getting ready for work in the AM.

Random Thought of the Moment: “What the hell are they playing on MTV2?”

The Song of the Moment: “Like This and Like That” by Monica

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12 Responses to The Internship, Day 2

  1. charles says:

    Glad you’re loving ATL. I love it there too. The place you need to go though for a great view is the Westin Hotel. They have a rotating restaurant on the top floor. You can’t beat that…

  2. a.tiara says:

    aww Im glad you are enjoying yourself in ATL:-) I agree morgan is not really diverse in campus life slums in the summer.

    P.S. Im jealous you got to leave the mean streets of BMORE LMAO. talk to you soon!!!

  3. Luv that view le sigh. I have a love/hate relationship with my city but for now its luv. Glad you’re enjoying yourself here!

  4. Luckily you have an actual view of the skyline, and not just a view of a construction site!

  5. dennisjansen says:

    Haha great view!

  6. yeah, i’m mad you got to leave too! its cool, i’m glad you’re enjoying it! i miss you! its so boring! i think this is the first summer in years that you are not here with us! sucks! got me ready to sing “I Will Survive” LOL

  7. brran1 says:


  8. She Is Qui says:

    why? i had my tranny voice ready!!

  9. brran1 says:

    LOL Chickie, I don’t even wanna know….smh

  10. Eb says:

    Cool beanz… rock the heck outta the internship!

  11. zoso says:

    “With this being my first time away from home EVER”
    Aww that’s cute. Man, you’re learning microstation already!? Nice. I won’t get to learn it for another week or so. This is my first internship and I’m starting to feel like you learn a whole lot more from this than in the classroom. Tell me what you think after a couple weeks. It’s cool you’re in a happenin’ town. Once you find your way around, I’m sure you’ll have a blast. As for the homesickness, it may creep up on you eventually, but as long as you’re comfortable with your new environment, you’ll do well. Good luck!

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