Music Review: Rahsaan Patterson

Sometime last year while chilling at home, I was playing SimCity 4 while VH1 Soul was on in the background. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m basically a vegetable when I’m playing that game. You can try to get my attention, but the most you’ll get from me is a half assed answer. Anyways, i was laying a subway line through my City’s Downtown area, and this song came on. I remember looking up like “What song is that?”. I turned and looked, and this video for this song was on.

I found the video for the song, but Universal Music Group doesn’t allow anyone to embed their videos. Idiots.

Anyways, I heard the song and immediately went to download it. It didn’t dawn on me to check out any of his other music until about 3 months ago. I was sitting at home again, doing some menial task, and the video for his new single was on. I watched it, and was like “Damn, dude got old really fast”. Come to find out that “Where You Are” was released TEN years ago. I immediately went and previewed his new album which is entitled Wine & Spirits on iTunes and downloaded the tracks that I was feeling. This was one of them.

“Stop Breaking My Heart”

I just peeped a couple of his live performances on Youtube, and I must say, aside from the “Bruce Springsteen Face”, dude puts his all into his performances. It definitely looks like something worth going to see in person. He has a show up in D.C. (with Kindred the Family Soul) at the end of the month. Should I go back home to see it? Hmm…


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3 Responses to Music Review: Rahsaan Patterson

  1. a.tiara says:

    you should! I need to go to some concerts this summer. Im slacking lol. and I like this guy. Have you heard ashanti’s new cd? Is not that bad lol

  2. i saw him perfomr donw here in the atl great show

  3. raych says:

    yeah, this guy is awesome. i actually heard about him reviewing all the “recommended” listening for each genre on the CD Now website

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