Heavy Rotation IX: The Summertime Edition

The weather’s starting to break. After constant fluctuations between warm, cool & damn near cold temperatures, the thermostat now ranges between 75-95 degrees on a daily basis. Kids are outside playing while the guy in the ice cream truck drives 2 mi/h down the block. Teenagers are chillin on the front stoop while Big Mama’s in the living room watching her stories. . Cookouts and Block Parties last til 1 or 2 AM. What else could it be except summertime? Here are some tracks:

Kool & The Gang: “Summer Madness”

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: “Summertime”

Jay-Z “The Ruler’s Back”

The Isley Brothers: “Summer Breeze”

Jay-Z “Show Me What You Got”

The Dey “Give You The World”

Freeway featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel “What We Do”

Jay-Z “Party Life”

What tracks do you HAVE to listen to in order to get you through the summer?



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2 Responses to Heavy Rotation IX: The Summertime Edition

  1. Eb says:

    you are dead wrong for that pic… I am starving right now… its 2 and I havent eaten lunch yet.

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