Throwback Thursday

What tracks are these?

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6 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. wowww….these videos almost make me wanna shed a tear. skee-lo “i wish” definetly a classic, i remember when I couldn’t go a day without hearing that song on the radio or seeing it on MTV.

    “how we party” ft. timbaland&magoo, aaliyah, missy, ginuwine….whoa what happened to magoo???

  2. dang dont seem like she been daed that long

  3. Charles says:

    That first one brought back madd memories…Up Jumps Da Boogie. Whatever happened to Magoo???

    The last one didn’t play for me because it said it wasn’t available anymore….

    Loving the throwbacks…

  4. a.tiara says:

    LMAO you took it back with these!!!

    OMGosh what happened to all of Missy’s grew(minus baby girl). they made the 90s so much fun.

    skee- lo’s song was so funny when i was younger. I was like wow he is kinda short to be a man LOL

    thanks for posting these! bringing back good memories.

  5. That first joint! MAN!!! You gonna make me dust off my Timbaland and Magoo cd!

    *dancin’ around my living room “Up jumps the boogie…we gon’ show you how to party…”*

  6. shauna says:

    ahhhh shit b yi=ou know that used to the shit back in the day

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