Random Musings.

Today, 4 random people have asked me for directions. One guy asked me where the bookstore was and I told him to bust a U-turn and head back to the Student Center. As soon as he pulled off, I realized that The Georgia Tech bookstore was five blocks ahead in Tech Square. Oh well…

My Mother called me last night and said “Where the hell have you been at, I haven’t heard from you all week. You get down to Atlanta and don’t even call to check on your mother.” I said “Hi Ma, so how have things been since Wednesday when I last spoke to you?” LOL. I’m a smartass. I can’t help it. The longest amount of time I’ve been away from home before this trip was 2 weeks when I was 15. Guess she isn’t used to it. I do miss her though.

I’m SO tired of eating Ramen Noodles everyday for lunch. Come on Payday!

Cousin and I went to the Wal-Mart up on Howell Mill a few hours ago. Strangely enough, it wasn’t crowded. On the way back to the apartment, we heard one of the drumlines practicing. Tell me why she busted out with her little African Tribal Dance right there on the spot. LOL

Jansen cleans his room TOO DAMN MUCH. It seems like every time I talk to him, dude’s re-cleaning his room and/or doing laundry.

While I was talking to him last night, I dozed off. I don’t think he realized it until I told him right before I logged off AIM. My bad Jansen! 

Strangely enough, When Ms. Corona called me about 30 minutes later, I stayed up to talk to her for about 45 minutes. Although I was paying attention, I was thinking “Ok, yea that’s nice. I’m sleepy. Get off my damn phone!”

I got home from chillin with Coop around 1 AM the other night. Instead of heading straight back to the apartment, I went cruising around the perimeter for a little bit with the music blasting and windows down. I definitely needed that.

So far, I’m lovin’ Atlanta. Granted I haven’t really been anywhere, but the few places I have been to are nice.

Why is it so damn easy to scuff up a fresh pair of white-on-white Uptowns (AF1’s)?

Im worried about Best Friend Q. Some things went down earlier this week, which has resulted in her doing some things that seem out of character. I told her she and my nephew could come down here for a weekend if she wanted to get out of Baltimore. Lord knows she needs to have access to a place where she could clear her head on a frequent basis.

I’m about to head out to chill with one of my coworkers for his birthday at an undisclosed location. Part of me wants to go and chill and be sociable, another part of me is saying “Stay yo broke ass home.” Cousin loaned me a couple dollars until payday, but after her dodging me b/c I tried to give it back to her, I caved and accepted the money. I’ll probably just hold on to it, and give it back to her later on in the week.



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4 Responses to Random Musings.

  1. zoso says:

    A clean guy is wassup. Constant cleaning’s OCD-ish but hotter than the flip side. For some reason I read Coop as co-op. You can be broke and still go out and chill. If you play your cards right you can get a free drink. If not, water’s good too. Have fun!

  2. Psonya says:

    Ummm, I’ma need you to call.yo.mama.

  3. u better chk on ma
    didnt know u were in the atl, im here too

  4. a.tiara says:

    it sounds like u are slowly but surely getting to know atlanta. LOL you should def call ur mom when u get the chance. I know the feeling of parents being a lil too needy when u are away but checking in every now and then isnt that bad lol

    your a good friend for offering refuge to ur best friend. I know she needs to get out of Baltimore! it can be so smothering here sometimes..maybe thats just me tho lol

    I hope u had fun with your friends!

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