Alphabet Song

Here’s a music meme to reflect how eclectic your music collection might be. J., Dakar calls it Alphabet Song.

Put your music library in alphabetical order by song, then take the first song for each letter of the alphabet. No repeat artists. Tag five people then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves.


“A.B.C.” by The Jackson 5

“B.O.B” by Outkast

“C.R.E.A.M” by Wu-Tang Clan

“D’Evils” by Jay-Z

“Each Day Gets Better” by John Legend

“Faces in the Hall” by Gym Class Heroes

“G-Slide (Tour Bus) by Lil Mama

“Ha Ha Ha” by Kevin Michael

“I Ain’t Heard of That” by Slim Thug

“Jabberjaw” by Phantom Planet

“Karma” by Alicia Keys

“La Barria” by Wisin Y Yandel

“Ma I Don’t Love Her” by The Clipse

“Naked” by Marques Houston

“O” by Omarion

“P.I.M.P.” by 50 Cent

“Que Lloren” by Ivy Queen

“R&B Junkie” by Janet Jackson

“S.A.N.T.A.N.A.” by The Diplomats

“T-Shirt” by Destiny’s Child

“U + Ur Hand” by P!nk

“Vans” by The Pack

“Wacky Dip (featuring Ding Dong)” by Voicemail

“Xtacy (featuring Nicole Wray)” by J.R. Writer

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” by Oaktown’s 357

“1 Thing” by Amerie

Analysis: I have a lot of songs that begin with the letters ‘W’ and ‘Y’. I don’t really think this gives a picture of the variety of music I have on my computer.

I tag:






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6 Responses to Alphabet Song

  1. a.tiara says:

    I would do this but Im telling you there would be some repeats. :sigh: I’ll do it lol

  2. I’m mad that G-Slide was the G for both of us…

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  4. I like this. I’m definitely going to do this one of these days.

  5. Wait a minute . . . you have Oaktown 3-5-7 in your collection? . . . Whoa

  6. Eb says:

    Wide range of musical tastes… i like

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