TBL Post # 200: The Blogger’s Meme

200 Posts. I never imagined that my blog would last this long. And I never thought I would put so much of myself out there for the world to see. Knowing my usual M.O., I’m surprised that I didn’t give up on blogging as soon as I got bored with it. But, I’m still here.

Does starting and answering my own meme seem pretentious? I honestly could care less because I’m gonna do it anyways. LOL. Here goes.




B, [my real name] (which shouldn’t be all that hard to figure out), Big B, Lime Rickey (after my favorite beverage at Uno’s)


Blogland via Atlanta, Georgia (for the summer)/Baltimore, Maryland (off and on since 1986)

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I actually debated over this for a few hours. I started thinking of names that would fit a Nightclub or a lounge, and also because I had on a Black Polo Shirt that day. LOL

Why did you start blogging?

For the longest time, I’ve felt as if no one would listen when I would speak about something. Also, as a place I could just talk about whatever I wanted to.

How long have you been blogging?

Since December 13, 2007

Favorite Post:

Hmm. I don’t really have one. (Meaning I’m too lazy to go back through 199 posts to find out which one I like the most.)

Most Memorable Comment:

Horus’s comment from the ‘In Comparison’ post. It read: “Great post and more honest than I could probably be. We all make our situations look great to everyone on the outside and we all have some real questions and real challenges on the inside. When it comes right down to it we are all fighting every single day to be that person we know we can be. Used to be I couldn’t wait to get to a specific point, some vague ideal of what I want life to be like. Nowadays I’m trying to learn how to have fun getting there. I think I’m getting better at that.”

Favorite Blogs (in no particular order):

These are blogs that I check several times a day.

Rantings of A Creole Princess

Stuff Black People Hate

The Breaking Point



What’s the Coop of the Day

See Through My Eyes

The Soundtrack of My Life

My Complex Simplicities

Pet Peeves when it comes to blogging?

YouTube videos that you can’t Embed. LOL

Advantages of blogging?

Meeting new people from all different walks of life that I wouldn’t have come into contact with otherwise. Definitely having a space where I can place my thoughts. Something like a journal that everyone and their mama could read if they wanted to.

Disadvantages of blogging?

Having a good topic when I’m nowhere near a PC, but as soon as I step within typing range of one, I can’t remember the topic to save my life.

Knowing that people that personally know me read my blog (can be an advantage at times), but at times when i want to rant about something, I have to deal with 450 questions about it afterwards.

To all my readers, frequent commenters, lurkers and everyone else, I want to take this time out to personally thank each and every one of you for taking part in what has become my own personal space here on the world wide web aka The Black Lounge:Views on Society, College Life and the like from the eyes of a sarcastic 21 Year Old.

Thank You.

Here’s to 200 more posts *raises glass of Kool-Aid in the air*.

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3 Responses to TBL Post # 200: The Blogger’s Meme

  1. It’s a celebration b!tches! L’chaim!

    (Since Coop started it…LMAO)

  2. a.tiara says:

    Congrats B!!!!!!!!!! Im coming up on my 100th post. I hate it when I have a topic to talk about then I forget or dont have the time to write it. Its cool meeting new ppl on here for me as well. Here’s to X^n more post lol *cheers* lol

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