Is It Possible…

To be allergic to Air Conditioning?

I’ve noticed that while I’m at work, I tend to sneeze, cough, and just be clogged up. But as soon as I go outside (to eat lunch), I’m clear as if nothing has happened. Hmm….

Maybe it’s the recycled air in the building.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Lemme get my sickly ass back in the bed…”

The Song of the Moment: “No Matter What They Say” by Lil Kim

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4 Responses to Is It Possible…

  1. dennisjansen says:

    Generic Wal-Mart allergy medicine.

    It’s the business.

  2. a.tiara says:

    lol yea the same thing happens to me when im at work. u might have to bring a heater or a sweater to wear while u are in the office. That helped me.

  3. Yes! Gotta love that recycled air that’s consistently on full blast! It’s why I stay in a sweater with my desk heater on!

  4. CreoleInDC says:

    Means they haven’t cleaned the ducts out in forever. Makes my throat itch just THINKING bout it!

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